January 19 – 31, 2015

We currently have two rescue mares ready to foal.

Moon and Paisley are both due any day now, as best we can assess.

With the birth of day babies bring A LOT of costs.

While we will be networking Paisley and her foal into a private rescue
soon after foaling, there will be needs through that period of time.

Moon’s foal will be a HOP baby until adoption.

For each foal, we would like to work on sponsors for:

See our Smartpak Wishlist here:

A foal halter(s)
A weanling halter(s)
Vet visit and vaccines: $250 x 2
Mare and foal grain – $17.00 per bag
Extra hay weekly – $5 per bale
Extra shavings – $5 per bag
“COLLEGE FUND” – This is a training fund will we start toward making sure Moon’s foal will be able to be put undersaddle for at least 90 days when he/she is old enough. We generally pay $400 per month (a discounted rescue rate locally)

HOP is also taking name suggestions NOW with each donation
you make of an item or of funds through mail or paypal:

1. Mail a Donation Check to:
Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue, INC
PO box 81 Shoals, WV 25562

2. Donate Via Paypal: equinerescue@live.com

Check back often for updates!!!


11030_906723846025578_7733237870679577661_n 10525917_906723712692258_4368381283202110547_n 10933801_906723822692247_6737786026754829941_n

2014 Donors, we are working up your Donation receipts smile emoticon

Stand by smile emoticon

Blaire’s second ride since coming to HOP with volunteer, Dawn.

She is gaining weight easily. Still needs those driving shoes off, which will happen in the next few days.

10731035_907291422635487_6499553664368805735_n 10930908_907291429302153_5823960499469705073_n 10931233_907291425968820_115344286692873992_n

Grace is a 6 year old STB cross mare. She is 15hh.
This girl is so very willing to please!

She is the right girl for someone out there!


1939580_907292002635429_5636314008988124804_n 10931304_907291692635460_4242751186976954305_n

From Feral mine horse to. . .

Well, you see smile emoticon


There is the possibility of a caretaker position in the rescue which would provide a very small one room apartment type dwelling in the Huntington, WV area that includes electric, water and rent. If offered, it would mean one person only. Person would have to clean approx. up tp 10 stalls, feed/water and give overall care to same number. No payment beyond living quarters, essentially a volunteer position with living space.

We have interested parties now, but those interested can send detailed inquiries to equinerescue@live.com. A detailed application would be required if the volunteer position opens


On youtube at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pK8N5bBzktw&feature=youtu.be

Please overlook the odd compression of the file that smooshed me down, making me look quite unlike myself.

A story for you about the heart of Heart of Phoenix….

So often we take an animal in that comes from a horrific situation.

Perhaps they are starving; their bodies eating themselves in desperation. Perhaps they require a surgery and have been living in stoic pain, waiting for help to arrive. Perhaps the feet are overgrown and look like some grotesque mockery of sculpture.

It is easy to rant and cry about the horrible idiot who let this happen.

But the state of the animal now come under our wings is often the story of the people to whom the animal belonged.

Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue does not only rescue horses. In the Journey of saving horses, We find we also rescue people.

We have a history of helping people through the rescue efforts to save horses; of often being the ONLY group who have said they would, to have followed through. We provide services to horse owners out there who are doing the best they can, but sometimes they, like all of us, just need a bit of help.

We accepted a mare whose owner lived so far out, no farrier would come to her location despite much effort. She was a very treasured mare whose feet needed help. We accepted Lettie, Gemma and Sienna when their owners could no longer afford to give them the quality of life they needed. We have so many stories that we could tell you of good people who lost their jobs, whose loved one died and left these animals behind, who have become disabled and cannot keep the fence repaired any more, whose hours have been cut and their horse needs put down but burial and euthanasia in WV makes it impossible for those with a small income. People who have the income but lack education on how to care for horses, and the list goes on

The album of dogs we have posted currently is one such story: https://www.facebook.com/suzanna.johnson.9/media_set…

Remember, when you see the creatures who have come into our care, that there is a person behind those 4 legs who may have an equally pitiful tale.

And remember these horse owners are your neighbors. Before fingers are pointed at them and they are vilified, we hope that someone has asked if there is anything that they need help with.

Though there are truly horrific animal abusers out there and those who callously neglect, (and we have encountered plenty of them) there are also human beings who need a helping hand.

Heart of Phoenix has purposed itself to try and stop horse tragedies before they even get started through our educational posts and “Ask Away” sessions. You can help stop the unnecessary suffering of animals by sharing these educational bits. If they just reach one person who didn’t know, connected to half of our followers, think about what an impact that would be!


Alfie having a fine time today

10922805_908548912509738_8996793327861034618_n 10945534_908549045843058_7970457997933690787_n

Today Heart of Phoenix assisted in giving this elderly, neglected donkey in Kentucky (said to be over 40 by the owner) a peaceful end to horrible pain she had endured for many years. Our volunteers, Suzanna and Raven, brought a vet out to make sure she could walk over the rainbow bridge and will suffer no more crippling days and nights in this severely foundered condition.

The owner couldn’t catch her and lived in poor conditions himself. He has been in the hospital since October and his family could not find the right person to help. HOP is assisting with many of the puppies and dogs on the property and is trying to help with another foundered horse (not as severe) located there, as well.

Suzanna and Raven have been attempting to help with these animals a long time, and since they became aware of the current situation, (9 days ago) they have been sorting through a very sad mess; finding some small animals already dead, help coming too late.

The old man’s family was heartbroken at her passing but kept saying, “The old girl is out of pain now.” They had tried to talk to their father about this situation for years with no success.

We will never understand how the minds of those with these animals work. I cannot say I really want to.

But we can go in and do the best we can to end as much pain and suffering as we can.

I am thankful for the most mind-blowing team that gives the greatest kindnesses to animals in need in spite of the heartbreak it causes them during and afterward; never acting selfishly or thinking beyond the welfare of the equine in front of them.

8999_909176892446940_5988416723951350354_n 10945616_909176869113609_5865898264918892662_n

Alfie strutting his stuff around yesterday before all the snow fell

1454685_909453502419279_4714915093529814234_n 10941878_909453505752612_6500310593022322541_n 10947157_909453499085946_708365564866343815_n

Still on foal watch here, but what does Moon care? She is enjoying these last few days before the strain of “motherhood” catches up to her with a good roll in the snow.


An update on Noel.

Many know the condition she was found in with Animal control called us from Lincoln county, WV.

She was a bit underweight, but primarily, she had a very serious injury to her leg. The vet felt she had a rope tied tight on her leg left until the the tendons were destroyed. She also had her nose broken, likely with a bar, but that injury has healed, though leaving a disfigured healing behind.

She was putting almost no weight on it at intake. Dr. Walker at Equine Medical Center felt recovery wasn’t especially likely due to the serious damage in the leg. We agreed to re-evaluate in 12 weeks. While the swelling has decreased and she puts a bit more weight on the leg and is holding the hoof a bit more flat, we are unsure what her future may hold at this point, 6 weeks in. She is more willing to walk around a bit on her own.



Calli is a lovely Buckskin mare that is adoptable now.

She is 14.1hh. She is green and for an adopter who wants to spend time in the saddle and building a relationship with her horse.

Quarter Horse type and 10 year old.


10945649_910154322349197_4464552248666508077_n 10954508_910154345682528_3031010346746335969_o

Come out and join us for a day of fun! Valentines themed obstacles in an indoor arena at Sunday Stables located along the Coal River. We would love to welcome you and your horse! Please join us in giving the horses a “hug” for Valentine’s day! Take the adventure with Cupid delivering letters and join the fun!
There will be a contest for best Valentine’s costume and the nest horse kiss!
Food and drink will be avail for purchase (all proceeds go to Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue)

Saturday, February 7at 10:00am
Sunday Stables
1 Twilight Ln, Saint Albans, West Virginia 25177

All registrations must be online at actha.us

Anyone planning on riding can you please


For 15 days our KY volunteers have been working on a hoarding case involving over 20 animals. The past two days they have slogged through mud and crawled through a variety of feces (including human) to rescue 2 horses, 1 mini, a 180 pound ferocious potbelly pig, and 5 semi-feral, freaked out dogs. All of this was on 11 acres and the dogs were able to go in and out of the horse fence at will to run several farms.

Though we are horse rescuers, sometimes we come across a situation where we just can’t sit back and hope someone else will do something.

Our volunteer posted this song today and said it was the theme song of the day. It is a good one.


(Pictured here is Luigi, one of the dogs they caught who is on his way to a rescue)


Some cute shots of 8 year old recent rescue pony, Faith.

She is about 13.1hh. Super cute girl and sturdy. She accepted tack today, but we suspect she is very, very green, at best.

10347632_911463408884955_1934710165030651303_n 10897004_911463412218288_785907775542847421_n

We have been updating our Board of Directors and Volunteer page here: http://www.wvhorserescue.org/about2.html

Check out the work in progress above


Well folks, between all of our volunteers, there are 3 mares who are due any minute to foal. Let’s have a little fun!

Which mare do you think will foal 1st, 2nd and 3rd?

The appaloosa is Paisley, the sorrel is Sitka, and the bay is Moon.

(Sitka is being babysat by our KY volunteers)

10271540_911967275501235_4754432229671455100_n 10347402_910104319020864_4080995451720225136_n 11030_906723846025578_7733237870679577661_n

We want to ask you to make the commitment today to become a monthly sponsor of ANY amount!

Almost 200 saved and counting! 50 Rescued in 2014 alone.

We accomplished so much in 2014 with donor support, and we hope to do MUCH more in 2015

1. Mail a Donation Check to:
Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue, INC
PO box 81 Shoals, WV 25562

2. Donate Via Paypal: equinerescue@live.com

One bale of hay for $5
One bag of feed for $15
One farrier visit for $30
One dental float for $100

Consider being a monthly sponsor for one of the 20 plus horses we typically have n rescue. The cost is $175.

Consider sponsoring a month of training to give one of the rescue horses the best chance at a quality home. This is $450 including all board.


Sometimes we hear that our application process is daunting.

Here are a few things to know when you have decided that you might want to adopt from us.

First of all, if you have trouble with your application we are ALWAYS willing to help.

Second, HOP horses have, in most cases, come from horrific situations. We have committed as a team to make sure they never experience that again. We are looking for adopters who have no problem proving to us that they share the same commitment. SO the more thorough, detailed and honest you are about every piece of your application, the more we can read what is in your heart.

Third, we have put together a team of extremely dedicated people who bring many skill sets to our table. Combined, we have a massive amount of experience in various aspects of the horse world. We ALWAYS insist that you come to one of our facilities where you will be evaluated with the knowledge you have on the horse of your choice by some of our team. We do this for your protection, as well as to assure the adoption’s success. Though we do want each horse adopted, we first and foremost want all parties to be the RIGHT fit.

Fourth, if you have put in an application that does not pass, that does not mean you can never adopt from us. Sometimes it means that small things at your facility need updating or repair. Sometimes it means that your “horse history” is not long enough, so we cannot say whether you are a good candidate at this time or not. Sometimes it means that the particular horse that you have applied for is not the right fit for you. And to be honest, it sometimes means that you need more time to gain additional knowledge before adopting. In these cases, some dedication to lessons or instruction from a trainer skilled in groundwork or you volunteering with a horse barn for a while will serve to fulfill the need.

REMEMBER it is our goal to find lovely homes for the horses in our care so that we can save more horses. We truly want to approve your application and see you form a beautiful partnership with a HOP horse. We WILL call all parties on your application and speak to them at length about your horsemanship, ideas and goals.

Who has a guess as to what I am doing in this photo that connects to rescue?


You folks guessed right. Gena (long time volunteer) and I went to get our HOP brand tattoos tonight smile emoticon

I guess that shows we are dedicated smile emoticon


New truck tires for the HOP truck today! Thank you to Germain W. for covering most of the cost of these much needed tires!


Calli asks….


Claire asks. . .


Jake asks. . .

Learn more here: https://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/30232327/


Who would be up to take part in a Trail Ride in April at Elkins Creek in Ohio as a fundraiser?


Ziva (the quarterhorse yearling filly we purchased from a trader) got to go down to Florida to regain her body condition. She was so incredibly thin and was having a hard time in KY where we had networked her so she got to go where it is warmer with some other babies for a while!

She has filled in quite a bit since she went to RaiderHollow Farm!


HOP’s ART of Giving Party!
You do not want to miss this! Taught by Aimee Figgatt, these are mixed media art parties and raise money for the rescue!
Food, Art, Wine and Helping horses – NOTHING could be better! Sign up for the March event now!
(March Art idea photo is just for example)

Beautiful Hershey is adoptable now! 5 year old 10hh pony. He is not broke to ride, so his fee is $150 His story of rescue: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OCqK74AZbf8

10411149_912882198743076_1508257877448219793_n 10917903_912882178743078_4806999128404698189_n

Stocky and cute FINN is adoptable! He is 5 years old.

He is crypt, so adoption is only to non-mare homes if he is adopted before the surgery can be done.

10888811_912882762076353_3887296668133383198_n 10955346_912882742076355_7670232768521284918_n

Joyous Noel in her foster home healing

1495442_912883018742994_8237873501953831866_n 10942737_912883005409662_1661812055480288600_n

Now tell me this isn’t a lovely decal? A HOP design

They are only available in white at this time.

They are a $6 donation ea shipped – visit http://www.wvhorserescue.org/donate.html – specify you want a decal at paypal


HOP volunteers out and about today

10269457_939921982707553_9037681120847657924_n 10440287_939921952707556_1166174999783240797_n 10959445_939922006040884_6557938550882998858_n

Each photo in this album has a blog post underneath that serves to help the public learn more about various equine topics or to create a dialogue to learn and discuss:


Pretty Memphis. . .known as Memmy Pie to me smile emoticon

In his adoptive home. . .where he couldn’t be loved more


Pecos and Wynn in their adoptive home in Middleburg, VA

1947409_913300582034571_1961855133471181133_n 10306631_913300595367903_6044922329183123243_n

Thank you so much for your continued support!

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