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Programs at Heart of Phoenix

Heart of Phoenix hosts many Community, Owner  and Law Enforcement Programs

To learn more about Any program, just email!

To donate to any programs or offer grant funding, please inquire at equinerescue@live.com


This program gives officers In Hours credit through the state of West 
Virginia for officers statewide and provides never before attainable 
equine only neglet and cruelty training, as well as handling safety 
training. We are in our 3rd year of this program.

This training is offered yearly in the spring. 
The next training will be offered in MAY 2018

NO COST, Lunch and Materials is always provided to officers.

Kentucky and Ohio officers are welcome to attend.

Equine Owner Placement Program

This programs allows owners to place their horse(s) more safely
through the buffer of Heart of Phoenix. We post your horse in venues
we use for our rescue horses. We do not give interested parties your
information until you have looked at their applications, screened
them and decide they seem a possible good fit.

To submit a horse, email equinerescue@live.com photos, video and details 
of the horse(s) in need of placement, any fees that apply and your exact

If you're an adopter looking to apply for an owner placement horses, 
click here to Apply 

 The Tri-state Gelding and Health Care Project

4th Annual Gelding Clinic

Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue, INC  offers FREE Gelding Surgeries 
each fall with the help of the ASPCA and the Unwated Horse Coalition. 
This will be our 4th year of this program. If you need a horse gelded 
before fall or at other times of the year, please contact us at ANY TIME. 
WE CAN HELP, so just email: Equinerescue@live.com

The answer to so much of the abuse and neglect in this area is to 
make sure less breeding takes place. This is an amazing first step. 
This also is a step toward less backyard castrations by knowledgeable 

“Right Rider Advantage” PROGRAM

This is a first ever Tri-state wide program that offers those 
new to horses a free or by donation program to enroll into 
to help you LEARN how to be a safe, kind and empowered horse owner. 
This is suitable for those looking to adopt, buy or who have recently 
become horses owners. This is a 6-12 months program.

NEW FOR 2017

Beginning in Fall

 Email equinerescue@live.com to enroll now


In order to educate all classes of horsemen and women to create more 
opportunists for green to advanced horses to find homes, as well as 
to facilitate overall better care of horses already in homes, we
offer riding and care clinics through the year with different trainers 
at our locations in Lesage, WV or St. Albans, WV
Cost vary, though many are free
To inquire about when another clinic will be,

(Patrick King is a frequent clinician)

visit our events page on FACEBOOK Here


While we can only offer this as funding allows, if you need euthanasia for 
any reason, emergency hay, feed, vet, farrier or dental care, reach out
via this form, and someone will get back to you with some
options through the rescue. We can offer gelding assistance year round 
through Unwanted Horse Coalition grants of $100 to $200. Just ask!


We would like to see as many horse already in homes stay in those homes, so
if you're considering placing a horse due to behavior, please contact us.
We offer several options to help you try to work with your horse to keep
him with you before offering him for sale or rehoming.
Email equinerescue@live.com for assistance

2 thoughts on “Programs at Heart of Phoenix

  1. Hello, I am a permitted wildlife rehabilitator and certified euthanasia technician. I also volunteer with a local equine rescue. I read your article (“And He was Gone, Peacefully;” What are We Afraid of, anyway? Have Animal Advocates Lost their Wits about Euthanasia) via a Facebook post I was included on by a fellow equine rescue volunteer and wildlife rehabilitator colleague. Your article speaks volumes…thank you! As a wildlife rehabilitator, I teach concerning euthanasia and compassion fatigue in our state required Rabies Vector Species course for new wildlife category 2 rehabilitators. May I have permission to share your article with new students and colleagues taking the course? Thank you so much for your consideration.

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