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So often we take an animal in that comes from a horrific situation.

Perhaps they are starving; their bodies eating themselves in desperation. Perhaps they require a surgery and have been living in stoic pain, waiting for help to arrive. Perhaps the feet are overgrown and look like some grotesque mockery of sculpture.

It is easy to rant and cry about the horrible idiot who let this happen.

But the state of the animal now come under our wings is often the story of the people to whom the animal belonged.

Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue does not only rescue horses. In the Journey of saving horses, We find we also rescue people.

We have a history of helping people through the rescue efforts to save horses; of often being the ONLY group who have said they would, to have followed through. We provide services to horse owners out there who are doing the best they can, but sometimes they, like all of us, just need a bit of help.

We accepted a mare whose owner lived so far out, no farrier would come to her location despite much effort. She was a very treasured mare whose feet needed help. We accepted Lettie, Gemma and Sienna when their owners could no longer afford to give them the quality of life they needed. We have so many stories that we could tell you of good people who lost their jobs, whose loved one died and left these animals behind, who have become disabled and cannot keep the fence repaired any more, whose hours have been cut and their horse needs put down but burial and euthanasia in WV makes it impossible for those with a small income. People who have the income but lack education on how to care for horses, and the list goes on

The album of dogs we have posted currently is one such story:https://www.facebook.com/suzanna.johnson.9/media_set?set=a.1049727465042383&type=1

Remember, when you see the creatures who have come into our care, that there is a person behind those 4 legs who may have an equally pitiful tale.

And remember these horse owners are your neighbors. Before fingers are pointed at them and they are vilified, we hope that someone has asked if there is anything that they need help with.

Though there are truly horrific animal abusers out there and those who callously neglect, (and we have encountered plenty of them) there are also human beings who need a helping hand.

Heart of Phoenix has purposed itself to try and stop horse tragedies before they even get started through our educational posts and “Ask Away” sessions. You can help stop the unnecessary suffering of animals by sharing these educational bits. If they just reach one person who didn’t know, connected to half of our followers, think about what an impact that would be!blurry peopleEvil and people

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