HOP Baby Shower!!! Foal Watch 2015

We currently have two rescue mares ready to foal.

Moon and Paisley are both due any day now, as best we can assess.

With the birth of day babies bring A LOT of costs.

While we will be networking Paisley and her foal into a private rescue
after the first month, there will be needs through that period of time.

Moon’s foal will be a HOP baby until adoption.

For each foal, we would like to work on sponsors for:

See our Smartpak Wishlist here:

A foal halter(s)
A weanling halter(s)
Vet visit and vaccines: $250 x 2
Mare and foal grain – $17.00 per bag
Extra hay weekly – $5 per bale
Extra shavings – $5 per bag
“COLLEGE FUND” – This is a training fund will we start toward making sure Moon’s foal will be able to be put undersaddle for at least 90 days when he/she is old enough. We generally pay $400 per month (a discounted rescue rate locally)

HOP is also taking name suggestions NOW with each donation
you make of an item or of funds through mail or paypal:

1. Mail a Donation Check to:
Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue, INC
PO box 81 Shoals, WV 25562

2. Donate Via Paypal: equinerescue@live.com

Check back often for updates!!!

foal watch

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