February 1 – 9, 2015

Pecos and Wynn in their adoptive home in Middleburg, VA

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Meet our Team.

Collectively, these people save so many.

This group truly blows my mind and restores and keeps my faith strong in the power of the human heart to do good at all costs.


Lots of updates coming. . .

We are happy to have developed a nice working relationship with a wonderful private Ky rescuer who is a good friend of our volunteers, Suzanna and Raven in the past 6 months. She is a trainer who pulls and places horses, often on her own, typically from auction. She has a gift for working with and homing young horses, which we have a hard time adopting here from HOP due to being in such a high needs area and the long hold times foals bring to a rescue. 

Fortunately, we have been able to network some greatly at risk young horses and foals to her over the months, and they have thrived and learned so much. In exchange for her acceptance of young and unhandled horses she is able to train, we assist her with older horses that, for various reasons have not found homes while with her. They are unlikely to be placed often due to her location and the adopter base there.

This partnering has really helped us save more horses here at HOP, and we are so appreciative of RaiderHollow/ Morgan M. We are glad we are able to work with her to continue to provide you updates on those she trains and places that came through HOP at one time, as well!

She will be accepting Faith, Paisley and Maizie. We will be bringing Tater Tot and Milo into HOP now. They are two geldings that have raised little interest at her location, but we feel they are two handsome guys we can find awesome homes here.

Pictured is Tater Tot, Milo and Sophia. Sophia came to us through Morgan and received dental surgery at Rood and Riddle once she arrived. She was part of an Arab seizure RaiderHollow helped with.

Tater Tot was living basically abandoned in a field in Ky and intact.

Milo is a Paso Fino gelding that was a slaughter bound auction pull. RaiderHollow placed him once into a good home, but sadly, the owner recently committed suicide and she brought him back to her farm where a home has never stepped forward for him.

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Lovely, lovely Alfie.

You folks do not know what you’re missing! This boy is perfect for the good child rider or even a very small adult rider (110lbs or so).

7 years old, 13.2hh TWH/Welsh type cross gelding.

One of the most lovely little fellows ever on this earth!

He is now returning to continue training in Ky with Suzanna and Raven


Holly today smile emoticon

She has that “I like this place. I’m safe” look in her eye now!


Knox is the most curious, friendly older gentleman. . .even if he is sticking his tongue out at me here


Zaam enjoying the run of a field at his foster’s place

I can’t wait for nicer weather to get a video of this handsome boy!


Alfie is back with our volunteers in Ky to continue training – he was MISSED, as you see. He has been with me for awhile since our October show smile emoticon


Sarah (short cake) and Zip in their adoptive home almost 3 years now with Chickens in the Road Author, Suzanne Mcminn

This is a before photos of Zip from spring ’11


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Tater Tot is a 6 year old Morgan-Hackney Cross gelding. (videos posted on some of the pictures) He stands 12.2 HH and has adorable knee action at the trot! He is green broke and has the Morgan mind. Tater Tot is sturdy enough for a smaller adult to be able to work with. He will cross tarps and guides well so far. His adoption fee is $250




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Paisley is enjoying her turn out time at RaiderHollow Farm, where she was networked ( meaning We worked with another rescue to get her safe and held her for them until we knew she could be moved onto their facility) yesterday!

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Moon, on left, is also showing no signs of foaling any time in the near future smile emoticon I bet, (and so does her adopter), she will have an early March foal.


ART of Giving Mixed Media Fundraiser party in Hurricane, WV for Heart of Phoenix


$25 per ticket plus a covered dish, Dessert or Appetizer

Ticket includes your Materials, Canvas, AWESOME instructor and A glass of Wine and/or unlimited soft drinks, water, coffee, tea.

This is More fun than you can imagine! Seriously! Anyone will have a lovely time at this Art party!

If we can host 40 people, this will raise a LOT of money for the rescue, as well!

Pay the spot fee to hold your spot by Feb 1st

1. Mail the $5 SPOT fee or pay the whole $25:
Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue, INC
PO box 81 Shoals, WV 25562

2. Via Paypal: equinerescue@live.com

1st Annual Spring Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue, INC Trail Ride Event!


This location is just amazing! If you have never been to Elkins Creek, you are in for a Treat.

(((( We are accepting sponsorships for the T-shirts for businesses at the rate of $50. This will include an add on each shirt given out at the ride ))))

The sign in will begin at 11am with coffee and donuts
The ride will go from around 12:00-4:00pm

A fun game of Trail Poker will determine a ride winner who will receive a horse related Prize basket!

For those not riding, there will be plenty of the HOP team behind with a booth, the location is a mini-cowboy town, so it is worth coming out whether you ride or not. Photos with rescue horses will be offered and mini cart rides likely will, as well.

There will be used tack auction at the end of the ride, a presentation, dinner and cowboy music with dancing afterward.

Registration will include a Ride for Rescue at Elkins Creek T-shirt, digital photo plus morning and evening meals! $35 per rider
paid by April 11th, please!


For those of you interested in camping overnight, the fees are $25 for an electric site and $15 for primitive. Stalls are $5. They also have basic sleeping rooms for 2 people at a charge of $30. For more information, visit their website at www.elkinscreekhorsecamp.com. You can reserve through them for our event. (740) 643-2416.

A HOP design, this lovely decal is available to grace your horse trailer or vehicle.

They only come in white at this time.

They are a $6 donation each shipped – visit http://www.wvhorserescue.org/donate.html – specify you want a decal at paypal

This design is also available in black on a t-shirt



HOP had an experienced farrier trim this foundered mare’s feet today. She came from the hoarding case our KY volunteers have been working on. The farrier states that after the next trim, no one will ever be able to tell she was even foundered.

Sallie will be available for NO FEE after her next trim. She is a lovely Arabian mare around 8 years old. She has a BEAUTIFUL floating trot! She leads well and loads in a trailer quietly. She is around 15.1HH and an easy keeper.  Sallie is a dominant mare who will not be suitable for a timid person. 

Video of her will most likely be up tomorrow.

Anyone interested can submit an application found at the link below.


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Jake Fiddy Today. . .

His story is one of the most lost and sad of all of the horses we’ve ever rescued.

It isn’t because he came to us starving or physically beaten.

He came through auction. We knew he would be who we pulled in the late Summer of 2014 right away.

Quiet and consigned to running through yet another auction, it seemed. No one else seemed to notice he was there.

Overlooked. His whole life, I bet.

He went through without rider or even a halter.

He was called “Gelding; Horse,” by the auctioneer. Nothing more.

No one really wanted him besides this group of rescuers. Finally, a trader (what I call a kill trader/buyer as they buy cheap at local auctions and run them through bigger places like Sugar Creek the next week, usually going to meat buyers) bid $40. We outbid him by $10, making the horse’s “pull cost” $50 plus $10 or so for a coggins. . . thus his name came about. . .

Jake: In our area, people say “they go around like jakes” to describe the non-polished folks and “Fiddy” for Fifty dollars.

Here is a horse I truly believe that no one ever cared anything about. Bounced and bounced and bounced around for ten years. He loads on a trailer like a champ and seemed an old pro at “running” through an auction. Came in feeling people were nothing to look forward to meeting. . . but none in a fearful way. It was more in a “I know your Tricks, All of your tricks” way. Most horses that come to us expect people to be decent to them because, at one point in their past, someone loved them.


Before coming to HOP, I can tell you. . .No one ever loved this boy.


Beautiful Meg is adoptable.

She is a 6 year old mare, built like a tank with a disposition of Gold!

She needs evaluation, but she came to us as “Green.”


Faith (who RaiderHollow Farm has renamed Imi) had a small training session today followed by a pedicure. She is reported to have behaved well for her trim.


Ziva update!

Rescued by Heart of Phoenix as an emergency pull from Ohio then networked onto Raiderhollow to rehab.

Look how lovely she is coming long with them!

The following 2 photos are her at intake.

She ran through Sugar Creek in October, came to us in December through a trader.


10612795_914923215205641_8623542221623910293_n 10945510_914923338538962_1208147617144619743_n 10983421_914913381873291_2428936834953987203_n

Thanks to Kathy V. – he is safe tonight!



AN Arrest has been made. The new state WV HSUS director has worked since the original posting to see this was not ignored.

Please remember a person able to have carried out this type of crime is a danger to people, as well.

We appreciate the Animal control officers who stuck this out to see an arrest.

This man is was charged with misdemeanors on two counts.

The maximum penalty carries a small fine but also six months jail time, according to WV Statute §61-8-19.

What happened there was not simple neglect, but brutal cruelty. This person must serve Jail Time.


The Lincoln county prosecutor’s office has expressed being “appalled” by this crime, and the person receiving calls assures everything will do their job on this matter.

We have removed contact information and request to make calls pending the county having time now, following the arrest, to work on the case.


Someone asked on the rescue page that we turn the new Rescue logo I worked up into one with cats and dogs. . .
So here we go. . .

Really love this!

Heart of Phoenix will offer this as a design soon, I suspect, for shirts and bumper stickers


Volunteer Possibilities smile emoticon

PLEASE ONLY APPLY once you are positive that you can dedicate at least 5 hours per week or more over the long term to the rescue in whatever capacity you are needed in. We do not have the ability to train short term volunteers, so we ask those unsure or looking for a once a month volunteer position to not apply




1. Solid Equine Background

2. Within ONE Hour of Huntington, WV

3. Longterm dedication to fostering for Heart of Phoenix

4. Willingness to let each horse you foster for HOP go when a forever home comes in order to continue to foster

plus an approved application

Arizona has been treated terribly. A mule is incredibly hard to rehabilitate after abuse. Despite this legacy, she IS making progress.


10922444_915797415118221_6067976882883945829_n 10980721_915797461784883_4044205564178206413_n

Jake Fiddy today




6 year old Paint mare.
Green, 14.1hh.



The HEART of Phoenix Art of Giving March Party is poised to be a very well attended, AMAZING event!

Even if you have no interest in horses or even rescue (how could that be?!?!), this will be a wonderful evening of Mixed Media painting and design for a March themed piece, Food, Wine and AMAZING people!

Join today!


Hurricane, WV at The Blank Slate WV


Information about the mine horse situation in WV


Willow (on the left) and Miss Em (on the right) enjoying some sunshine today. They can’t wait for the grass to turn green (and neither can I)


What a nice event this was – Thank you to Organizers, Susan Sunday and Amanda Morning.
Thank you to all of the other awesome volunteers and the RIDERS who came out!

10407210_916261771738452_689628910882998166_n 10649910_916261708405125_5679856245456383478_n 10959684_916261538405142_353518374328539455_n 10978582_916261741738455_4428728679021267780_n 10978645_916261838405112_1271960699070838674_n 10980749_916261541738475_7911837414435202548_n

She took such a long road home, for sure, AND ARRIVED with a passenger, but she is there now.

MOON smile emoticon

Scarlett today smile emoticon in her adoptive home 2 years now

The story of Phoenix and the rescue’s name

She changed everything in 2010.

We rescued this mare from one of the most horrific examples of abuse and neglect I have ever heard of or seen to this day. We fought very hard to save her, but our vet let us know early on that our hopes of survival and recovery for her were basically hopeless. We continued blindly. . .not making the right choice soon enough in our desperation and idealism.

She was locked in a stall for around 5 years – never allowed out, stall never cleaned, only enough food and water to maintain a skeletal frame. She was then taken and tied to a tree, no shelter, and she was then ridden with hooves that curled up and over the fetlocks. She came to us with lacerations across her body: her face from a halter that was too small: her ankle from being tangled on the rope she was tied to for so long when no one would come and help her.

And the day we came for her, in a torrential downpour, where we walked her through a ranging creek several feet deep. . .I was so hopeful.

She taught me many lessons that have served so many horses since her loss.

A mare I could not even name while she was with us, and the mare who was buried with a name that has grown to hold such meaning:

Phoenix. . .

That was the only thing that came to my mind the day we let her go, finally really giving her “rescue,” that she was due long before.

Now I see she is not supposed to get the name upon recovery here; she was meant to be the spark that came, inspired beyond measure and assure the lives of so many after her would be rescued.

In turn, she received a name for the life she has in the “beyond,” where steps do not hurt, where galloping in field is possible in way she was never allowed to while here.

Even as God says that a sparrow does not fall that he is not with it in Matthew 10:29, surely not a horse goes out of this world that he is not aware of, that he does not care for, that he has not made new provisions for beyond the earth.

So is the Phoenix. Re-born.

Sightly plump, shiny and running to and fro where we cannot see her, but we all know she is there.

SEPTEMBER 13, 2010.


Since Phoenix, we have saved nearly 200 lives. This takes heart, soul and funding.

A simple way to help us SAVE more if to take a moment and vote for Jake Fiddy, a current HOP horse, in the Nutrena $10,000 Photo contest here at: http://bit.ly/1M4drXy

1521751_916591998372096_3622803058811783246_n 10386765_916591988372097_3187196803904821415_n 10968572_916591978372098_6120850333171443428_n 10968597_916591991705430_9158473467513318061_n

Sienna today smile emoticon

Dry weather cannot come soon enough, she says, but it was a lovely, warm day here


This is a before and After of Rebel, a QH gelding rescued from Ohio in winter 2013. The after is from Nov 2014 smile emoticon

He lives the life with Abby near Hurricane, WV




Sallie is an 8 year old, Arabian mare standing 15HH. She came from a hoarding case in KY and was basically an 80 year old man’s pet.  
She had been out there for at least 4 years and not much is known about her except that she leads and loads nicely.

Sallie is a very intelligent mare who picked up things quickly from a trainer when he worked with her for a bit. She will need a quietly bossy owner as she has been allowed to do her own thing for quite some time. She also needs some time on weight watchers!

She will be available for no fee to an approved applicant. If you are interested, please submit an app found at http://www.wvhorserescue.org/adopt_application.html

10968309_914832155214747_2753450165653726947_n1234104_917096821654947_6136768444587315552_n 10959901_917096888321607_5477953581119794227_n

Thank you so much for your continued support!

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