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More than a Rescue: A Powerful Advocate for Horses in Appalachia

Officers of Heart of Phoenix

Suzanna Johnson: Administrative Officer



Hours toward Special Education degree.

Completed “Large Animal Rescue Training-Stage 1” in Kentucky at Hagyard.


Horse owner and 10 years of practical experience assisting in the day to day operations of a boarding/training facility

Why I Work With Heart of Phoenix

I saw a need that I had the time and the talent to fulfill.  I do not want to be a person who complains about a situation and does nothing to resolve it.

Officer Role

Overseeing of all applications for fostering, adoption, volunteering

Author of HOP educational materials for print, blog and social media.

Fostering and ground training

 Diana Kitts: Financial Officer




Why I Work with Heart of Phoenix

Officer Role



Susan Sunday: Professional Services Officer



Bachelor’s Degree / Concord, WV

Master’s Degree / Marshall Univerity

I worked for Kanwha County Schools for 30 years.


I was born in Savannah GA. My Gran, who raised me, bought my first horse for Christmas when I was 9. It was the beginning of the beginning. I had her for 20 years to the month. I loved her more than anything or anybody.When I wasn’t showing or just riding, I managed to marry and share my horse affection with my beloved daughter. In kind, she has afforded the horse dream for her 2 children.

Owner/Trainer: Sunday Stables in St. Albans

Officer Role

Equine Events coordination /Equine Evaluation / Training


TO BE FILLED : Industry Officer


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