February 12, 2014

Hello everyone!

We started Memphis on his ulcerguard medication, let’s hope it’ll get him feeling great and help him finish his rehab.

Here is an example of our newsletter! Super excited to get this started, please feel free to sign up and give us feedback or suggestions!

www.wvhorserescue.org has undergone MANY changes to make it easier to use. If you haven’t visited the website lately, take a PEEK! You will be surprised!

Welcome to
Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue’s first Newsletter

You are receiving this initial Newsletter because you have either requested to be made part of the mailing or have donated to HOP, INC in the past two years via Paypal.

We really hope you enjoy receiving personalized updated information through the year! If it has been a little while since you have checked out what the rescue has been doing, please take a moment to visit the website and/or facebook page to catch up. We are sure you will be blown away by the work we were able to do in 2014 with our supporters! We could accomplish nothing to save Tri-state horses in need without YOU!

This newsletter is being created to keep supporters current on the rescue’s events, adoptable horses and new intakes. We have found that many of our followers and supporters are Facebook based, and unfortunately, Facebook has made getting updates to each of our supporters nearly impossible. This lack of contact hurts the horses we are able to save greatly!

We encourage you to share the Newsletter with your friends! We hope to see this grow and allow us to reach a larger audience. The more people we connect with, the more we can help horses in need!

How Important is Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue’s Effort?

Each day, Heart of Phoenix receives emails and calls asking for help for horses in need. Many of these horses, ponies and donkeys are starving, without vet or farrier care and will die or end up at auction without our help. The numbers of equines in need is hard to pin point in the Tri-state area; however, our director estimates that for each horse we are able to help, at least ten calls or emails request help for a horse or herd of horses must go unanswered due to lack of funding and space.

Across the United States, over 100,000 horses are sent over our borders to slaughter. Many other starve to death or die from treatable illness or other neglect.

Heart of Phoenix is helping change the outlook for the horses that, through no fault of their own, end up in dire need of rescue in the West Virginia, Southern Ohio and Eastern Kentucky area. With YOUR Financial support, we work tirelessly to see horses that are shells of their former selves, skeletons barely clinging to life, rehabbed with quality vet care and love and given a SECOND chance. We assure them the best shot possible at a forever home.

We placed over 40 horses that would have had no hope before we accepted them in rescue in 2013 alone. Most of these horses, once vetted, rehabbed and evaluated, proved to be Sound, Sane and Lovely riding companions with many years left to offer their new families!

A high standard of rehab and care requires a very large financial budget and many hours of volunteer time. We are committed to sound financial management, so we will not take in more horses than our funding allows. This means that while we are able to help many horses, many others must be turned away. We want to see Heart of Phoenix, one day, able to offer HOPE to every horse in need in the area! We believe this is possible with your support!

January 2014 intakes: Buckshot, Ferris, Ellie and Bettie. We were also able to rescue and network two emaciated Miniature Horses to a TN sanctuary.

February 2014’s 1st intake: MEET ALFIE

The average vet bill for an intake horse is $300. Alfie’s will be $150 more as he needs gelded.
The average hold time for a rescue is 6 months. Alfie’s will be much longer as he is only a colt and has no training.
Alfie’s training costs, once he is ready, will likely run $2,000 to assure he gets the best start undersaddle as possible!

If you would like to help or donate towards Alfie’s rehabilitation, please feel free to contact us!

Make sure to check back every day for new updates!

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