February 13, 2014

Hello everyone! Hope everyone stayed safe today with the icy roads.



This stallion is in Alum Creek, WV. He needs a home. A family ended up with him when a local wouldn’t feed him. He is 6-7 and has been vetted and is now healthy. That is ALL we know. Approved homes only – no fee


Young female German Shepard. Needs training as she has been nipping at people. Owner is around Charleston, WV – no fee to experienced home




We found Sparky a great home recently for a family where he wasn’t working out and here he is tonight with his owner! This was such a good match!


Chism with his adoptive momma!


Dexter in his adoptive home today


Honey, adopted in 2011. She is well loved by her girl! Updated pic from tonight! She was Amber’s dam. They were part of the Blaine, Ky rescue of 6 horses


Gandy in his home with his new friend! He is doing SO well his adoptive mom reports and her mare really loves him!


Kate now calls Pauley’s Rowdy Acres home  She was rescued last late winter and adopted in early Summer.





We had an urgent need for an elderly lady who couldn’t afford the $200 deposit that would allow her dear pet dog to live with her in her new apartment. Thank you to everyone who donated so quickly! The rescue will be able to cover the security deposit for the elderly lady to keep her dog when she moves in the government housing for the elderly Friday! Thank you all so much. This will mean the world to this pair! A few donations have come in since I posted about the dog in need over the amount originally needed for the security deposit alone – A few people who donated suggested using that for additionally needs for the dog. I have sent this via email to those who donated, as well. Just in case those emails are overlooked, if anyone is opposed, please let me know, and I will refund asap, but for those that do not mind, I will use the extra see the dog sees the vet, as he is very elderly, and I know she hasn’t been able to afford that.


Alfie doesn’t seem to mind the blizzard a bit

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The director’s little farm – two to three rescues stay here at any one time



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