February 11, 2014

Hello everyone!

We have a new Newsletter option on our Facebook page!
Signing up is vital to allow the rescue to stay in touch and grow into an effort that can not only save 40 or 50 horses a year but eventually impact hundreds a year!

SIGN Up for awesome email updates not found on FACEBOOK and be able to follow and connect with the rescue in a very important way!


Great news!!!

Alfie is gaining weight and enjoying being turned out with Memphis!!


Memphis’ ulcerguard is finally in – he starts it today, but he is looking better just from the hay change to an alfalfa mix. (He is covered with MTG along his topline in this photo)


$250 worth of meds here! Let us hope it makes Memphis better!


HOP IS NOW ON TWITTER!!! Be sure to follow us!


Remember to check back with us every day for more updates!



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