Good Trainers working with Good Rescues Create Amazing Adoptions

This is an after made possible, in part, to our great trainer relationship with Nelson Detweiler.
Pinto was tough horse initially, but he has so much potential, and Nelson had him a short time, but he made an impact on him that has, as we see, lasted years and will carry through a lifetime.

From Pinto Beans’ adopter today.

“Wow, it’s been 2 years since Pinto Beans found his person! He is definitely my 11 year old daughters heart horse for sure.
They both have really grown together over the year. He doesn’t dance as much when trying to catch him. He’ll come up to her nodding his head. She’s learn how to get him to do what she wants. And my daughter has even gotten tall enough to mount on her own and he’ll just stand there patiently. He stands well for the farrier. He eat plenty of pasture grass, feed and loves the treats she’ll give him. He definitely not missing any meals. 😀
They both have many years to grow.
He is well loved by all! Cheers to another year!”
At Heart of Phoenix, we are so thankful for our national partner network of equine professionals, including trainers, farriers, vets, boarding barns and sponsors, as their partnerships help us all create unity for the horse industry. 
The truth is numerous trainers across our region (and beyond) have allowed us to create many successful adoptions just like this, and we are ever so grateful!

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