Everyone does not have a connection to horses these days. Let’s change that.

Our mission is partly about spreading concern and care to those that may not think about horse welfare in their daily lives.

People say you give to what you love, and clearly, we love horses here at HOP..

Cats and dogs are a common part of an average days for most people,. They are what most people interact with and love on a daily basis.

Everyone does not have a connection to horses these days. Let’s change that.

To say horses were more instrumental in the development of this county than any other animal seems fair.

Sometimes I fear, we as a nation forget what they have done for us over the centuries.

Their power and their bodies built the USA (and certainly not only our country) in most all historical aspects.

We could not have made it without their toiling alongside us.

The time where they were part of most households and the survival of most families has passed, yes, but let’s try hard to remember how much they need us these days, like we used to need them to simply survive (and eventually thrive).

They fall into horrific neglect and mistreatment daily.

They need us all as advocates. . .they need everyone to care, and I would argue, if advocacy could or should be earned, they have earned it more than we can or will ever repay.

Please, as you go about your day, stop and consider how you can be part of helping a horse in need.

There are rescues, advocacy organizations and adoptable horses all across this land.

Consider how you can help make their lives better.

This seems fitting here…

“Look back at our struggle for freedom. Trace our presents days strength to its source. You’ll find that man’s pathway to glory, is strewn with the bones of the horse.”

– Tales from the Stable

Heart of Phoenix is on a Mission, with the RIGHT HORSE Initiative, to improve the lives of horses in transition + massively increase horse adoption in the United States. We are Good People for Good Horses. As partners of the #RIGHTHORSE, we want to spread the word about partnership and equine adoption.


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