An Inconvenient Truth: Yes, your son (or daddy or brother) did neglect that Horse

So much abuse goes overlooked because of family ties, it is hard to comprehend.

How can we discard compassion, decency, vision and truth simply because we like a person, because we are a relation?

Recently, this mare below was turned over to the rescue because a local person saw her and knew she had to have help.

We have heard local friends and family of the responsible party have been unkind to this person. This Good Samaritan.

Why do familial ties blind us all to the truth? We are all guilty of this time to time, some of us to far lesser degrees. Sometimes it applies to family, sometimes to close friends, too.

But you know what? I am tired of picking up the bits of your family member’s broken animal’s mind and body because you could not see what he or she had done to a creature who was innocent.

I am tired of defending our rescue’s impeccable history because you cannot accept your friend neglects or abuses animals.

And you know, It doesn’t end there. . .children are abused and neglected, and all the while family and friends hold their peace instead of demanding justice for those unable to speak for themselves.

Cowards, willfully blind out of convenience  are as guilty as the party committing the abuse.

Every single case behind Heart of Phoenix had someone defending the negligent party, someone saying, “Nothing is wrong with this horse. Nothing.”

And in all these years, after almost 300 cases, it has never once proven true. Every single time someone said this horse is fine, we’ve proven they weren’t being honest.

We have horses turned over where someone knows they weren’t able to do what needed done, people who cried and begged for help. . .they knew they were failing. I respect that, but those who deny they have done wrong, deny anything is wrong as they stare at a skeleton, no.

We need to move beyond defending those in the wrong when “we like them” or know them in some capacity.

Despite what you think, being your friend or family doesn’t negate the ability to commit a crime.


5 thoughts on “An Inconvenient Truth: Yes, your son (or daddy or brother) did neglect that Horse

  1. I know your mission must be heartbreaking but don’t lose hope. It must be so hard to tell the truth and it falls to deaf ears and dead hearts. I am still praying for the little foal to be united with it’s mother and feeling so discouraged and then I look for Legend. And I realize that sometimes it’s not too late and to hang on and keep trying, do not give up. Bless all of you.

  2. These photos and the description of this case says it all….the people who willfully watch…and do nothing…are just as guilty…..this case shows suffering and abuse that no innocent animal should EVER have to endure……these people must be held accountable… more “walking on eggshells” so they won’t be” offended “……..the horse owners are truly killers of the worst kind because they allow profound abuse and neglect to keep happening day after day after day……tragic and hideous!

  3. The mission is respectable, and the effort put in are beyond that which I have ever seen. However. There are cases where a person had owned the horse in question for years and became too frail to work with them. There was no intentional neglect and I don’t think it is professional in the least to accuse every single person this rescue has ever dealt with of purposeful neglect or abuse. There are people who have willingly and painfully given up their horses to this very rescue knowing full well they were physically incapable of caring for them properly anymore. People who spent their entire lives loving, protecting, caring for, and working with these animals, only to have their hearts broken and lives changed forever when the animals they considered family had to be removed from what they promised was their forever home. After exhausting every other option available to them in terms of rehoming, these people entrust you with their babies, to give them a better life than they could, as it is that which Heart of Phoenix is best at. But to say that EVERY single case is one of outright abuse and cruelty, is doing nothing but continuing the heartbreak of the people who had no choice anymore but to give up their beloved horses. I understand it is your purpose to tell these animals’ stories. Maybe just be a little more accurate in telling them. Not all of them are ones of evil people owning horses for the sole purpose of neglecting and abusing them ☺️

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