Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue is hosting a National Horse Training Competition in West Virginia: The Annual Appalachian Trainer Face Off




Tinia Creamer


Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue is hosting a National Horse Training Competition in West Virginia. The Annual Appalachian Trainer Face Off will kick off on August 23rd and end August 24th in Winfield, WV.

Sponsored by Buckeye Nutrition, the ASPCA and Excel EQ

 Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue, the largest equine advocacy organization covering Appalachia, invites the media and public to attend the event.

The Appalachian Trainer Face Off showcases the talents of gifted equestrians with adoption as the goal for over 35 rescued horses.

Many of the participating rescued horses were previously feral and entirely unable to be handled, many were in danger of slaughter or were being neglected. There is nothing else like this remarkable display of rescued turned adoptable horses and trainers in the nation. Over 35 horses will compete with horse trainers from West Virginia, Wyoming, Kentucky, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Texas!  The Right Horse Initiative, a national organization spearheading an increase in equine adoption will be on site with their “Road Show,” as well.

The Face Off ends with a colossal display of Freestyle talent on August 24th at the Winfield, WV riding arena from the competing teams and a live auctioneer for the adoption event of the horses to approved homes.

Heart of Phoenix is a partner of The Right Horse, and our goal is to massively increase the number of successful horse adoptions in the United States by working together to reframe the adoption conversation about ADOPTABLE horses in transition. #RIGHTHORSE

It is a heck of show! There is an open to the public fun horse show that runs concurrently all day the Saturday, the 24th.

Interviews with the trainers across these states is encouraged if a media outlet would be interested in scheduling with a trainer in their region, please contact Tinia at equinerescue@live.com

News coverage of this event will also assist Heart of Phoenix, a 501(c)3 organization, in winning a New truck and trailer to be used in their equine rescue efforts across multiple states.

For more information on attending, showing, interviews or adoption, please visit www.Appalachiantrainerfaceoff.com or find Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue on social media.


All event info is here: https://appalachiantrainerfaceoff.com/attend/

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