What the RIGHT HORSE grant means for Heart of Phoenix: A message to our donors and supporters

We were so thankful to release the news yesterday of the Right Horse Initiative’s investment in Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue of $275,000 over the period of three years! This was really several years in the making, and before then, the very notion of a grant of this size seemed out of our line of vision. Not for our lack of believing and efforts. It was primarily because the pool of funders giving to equine rescue was limited. Another reason was that we felt no one was looking to Appalachia as an innovator in horse advocacy and adoption.

We are happy to report those two things changed radically!

TRH came on the scene! And then we saw that two major funders of equine welfare, the TRH and the ASPCA, clearly care about this region, and they realize that investing here is a GOOD IDEA. That is amazing news for the horses here because, as our supporters know, no one can do more with donations and grant funding than Heart of Phoenix. We were built on getting the most done with very little.

So to catch you all up and be very transparent, this grant does NOT go toward any of our current budget costs. That was a question that came to us several times yesterday, and it did create some worry that current donors would not realize how important their giving is and Will remain. Believe me when I explain that this GRANT is only impactful as long as our current donor base gives as they also have. . .this funding is for specific things we were not currently doing. It cannot, in any manner, cover any current funding needs within our typical operating costs.

Our operating budget for 65 horses was $200,000 for 2019.

This grant allows us to increase that THIS year markedly, but that funding primarily covers the major capital improvements needed to hold and care for those extra animals. This is the case with the next 2 years of payments on this amazing gift. Some money is budgeted to extra care costs, but please know our traditional budget for the next three years will be unaffected by this money, and we will need our donors in the exact same way as always, maybe more, as growth creates needs and challenges one doesn’t always expect.

Our set goal for this grant is to, from Mid 2021 – Mid 2022, once it is worked around to that point, be able to have rescued 151 horses in that 12 month time frame, with each 12 months time frame until then seeing a marked increase.

We will be able to add on covered turn out space at Mulligan Farm, increase the number of stalls, pay off the tractor we currently have a loan on, purchase a truck, fence the land currently unused,  create safe hay storage outside of the barn, build a saw dust shed to avoid it getting wet stored outdoors with a tarp, add run in shelters, improve drainage, add outdoor safe stall fans and mats, increase training, develop a professional strategic plan and cover some basic costs of the additional horses.

Thank you to those that give and created a day where these improvements and this growth was finally possible!

We will always need all of you and more of you if we want to create  a day where any horse in need has a safe place to go in Appalachia. Believe me, that is OUR goal.

– Tinia

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