ASPCA gives Cruelty / Neglect care Grant toward care of Horses in West Virginia


Heart of Phoenix receives a generous $10,000 grant to help care for neglected horses in a West Virginia county seizure case.

“We appreciate the support the ASPCA offers in legal seizure cases for counties and rescues working with counties for equines that are being neglected. These cases almost always bring horses in to us with critical needs of vet and farrier care, as well as long term nutritional rehabilitation. Thanks, in part, to the ASPCA, our facility, partners, network and foster homes are able to provide this care.”

Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue believes strongly in working within our local community and with local leadership in West Virginia to raise awareness surrounding equine rescue cases. We also strive to be innovative in creating programs that aid both horses and humans our region.

At Heart of Phoenix, we are so thankful for our national partner network of equine professionals, including trainers, farriers, vets, boarding barns and sponsors, as their partnerships help us all create unity for the horse industry. #RIGHTHORSE



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