Full Circle: Esmeralda’s story

On December 28, 2016, we ventured to a rural Kentucky mine site.

On that land, a feral herd of horses lived.

A small group of people were trying to care for animals there, and it was becoming impossible, especially with winter coming.

The land there isn’t hospitable in January and February, and they knew these horses needed moved.

I asked for some help far and wide.

I think, though it has only been 2.5 years, how much more asking for help means these days. . . the answer is so loud and filling.

Then it was quiet, small and not like now.

Thankfully, we still had answers back then..

Last Chance Corral, Morgan Kessinger Marrese and some from the HOP team came out to that rather barren mountain that particular morning.

Morgan brought a pal, too.

If you’ve ever wondered, a single day can affect so much more than just those 24 hours, folks.

So it was that a friend of Morgan’s came along, and he proved invaluable that day.

It so happened, one of the most lovely mares we’ve ever helped was saved then.

She was wild, beautiful and full of potential.

She ended up being named Esmeralda. She ultimately became one of the horses slated for the 2018 Appalachian Trainer Face Off a year later.

Her trainer, Heather V Bartel, ended up adopting her at the end of the ATFO.

But I am not telling you all of this for no reason.

No. Not by any stretch.

I am reminded of a verse that reads:

“…we have obtained an inheritance, being predestined according to the purpose of Him who works all things according to the counsel of His will,” in Ephesians 1:11,

and on Saturday, Heather brought Esmeralda a very long way because we needed a horse to search for one emaciated mare in a valley during a seizure.

And the same trainer who didn’t know us from Adam back then when he helped round her up came, without any idea we’d have a horse there at all, to help us find another herd.

And I can’t help but think of that circle that was made without any intention.

And together, that pair found the young mare, after some hours and a lot of rain.

And that is why we are here, actually. . .

Not because of amazing planning. Not because of paid people. Not because of anything but kismet, faith and a lot of people who believe a lot of things that never, ever make sense.

At Heart of Phoenix, we are so thankful for our national partner network of equine professionals, including trainers, farriers, vets, boarding barns and sponsors, as their partnerships help us all create unity for the horse industry. #RIGHTHORSE

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  1. I did not know the story. Thanks so much for sharing. It always restores my faith in the goodness in people, that they are out there. I just wish I could stop crying at these stories! I’m so thrilled at all HOP has become. I think I began following about 7-8 yrs ago. I hope I can make it to the training competition. I’m trying to find a friend to come w me now that i am no longer in WV. WV is always home and horses always in my ❤️ My how God has used Tinia and others to help these precious animals and the people who care for them!

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