The Impact of the APPALACHIAN Face Off

The Appalachian Trainer Face Off accomplished so many valuable, needed and wonderful things.
At Heart of Phoenix, we are so thankful for our national partner network of equine professionals, including trainers, farriers, vets, boarding barns and sponsors, as their partnerships help us all create unity for the horse industry. #RIGHTHORSE
I wonder how many really know what is happening as a result of this event?
Did you know that last year, we were able to save 25 MORE lives than we would typically be able to, as a direct result of the ATFO?
This year, we’ve rescued over 30 more lives! 30 horses that, for the most part, had no opportunities ahead. Many actually were living in neglect, abuse or had that just around the bend.
Whatever their past, this trainer competition means dozens of horses will not face questionable or horrific fates due to lack of handling and education.
Beyond the lives of SO many more horses being saved, the relationships created with trainers across the Eastern United States has made an impact that I sometimes cannot wrap my head around.
Do you know that the second year’s ATFO trainers and Heart of Phoenix still have an on going group chat starting in May of last year that has facilitated friendships and many horses being impacted, saved, trained and networked even through now?
By working well with so many equine professionals across so many states, the word about one really good little rescue that COULD and Does and Can has spread to so many farriers, vets, clients, tack shops, more trainers and – most importantly – MORE ADOPTERS. . .I believe the impact of the ATFO will be felt by good organizations saving horses for many years to come, even if we were to never have carried it on for another year.
Many of the previous competitors took new horses home to work with after August 2018, and some have taken on even more horses when those found homes.
Heck, one of the trainers (Jessica Deering) was not able to compete last year due to her competition horse having a tie up episode the day of the event, but she is back this year, and she has fostered almost 20 horses for us leading up to the ATFO pick up!
Just imagine what it can and will do for unhandled horses in need and the imagine of rescue and the ADOPTABLE horse as time goes on?
And most of all, think of how many people can look at this WIN for these creatures we all care so much for and know they played a part?!
Interested in sponsoring or adopting?
Let us know.
Please tag and share with anyone who would enjoy learning about this amazing training competition that is #SavingthehorsesofAppalachia
Heart of Phoenix is on a Mission, with the RIGHT HORSE Initiative, to improve the lives of horses in transition + massively increase horse adoption in the United States. We are Good People for Good Horses. #RIGHTHORSE

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