Adopt Your Next Horse: Why Equine Adoption Makes Perfect Sense

In an effort to help rescues place horses nationwide and open more spots to save others in needHeart of Phoenix Equine Rescue wants to highlight the reasons that adoption of your next horse makes so much sense for You once again.

We also want to bring awareness to all adoptable horses by using hashtags like #Opttoadopt, #myrighthorse #adoptionoption #adoptahorse #helpahorse

f you’re considering bringing a horse into your life, we want you to feel​ confident that adoption is the right way to do it. Whatever your wants and needs, your right horse is out there. We’ll help you find it. Check out this ADOPTABLE horse to see if this may be your right match! #RIGHTHORSE

Why Adopt?

  1. A great rescue organization honestly evaluates their horses and gives you that information. The main motivation is finding the horse the right person and vice versa. We put a great deal of time into discovering the strengths, flaws, holes in training, health conditions and personality of each horse because a rescue’s motivation is a life long placed , happy horse and happy adopter.  Everyone wins when the match is right.
  2.  A well managed rescue will always take their horses back. Should you fall on economically hard times, have a personal health crisis, want to adopt in your retirement years knowing a horse may out live you or find that you are not able to keep your adopted horse for any reason, you simply return the horse knowing he will stay safe and find a new, screened home. Selling is often a long, drawn out process and carries risks to the horse because you aren’t able to enforce a contract or screen like a rescue organization can. Additionally, Heart of Phoenix will refund the adoption fee in many instances.
  3.  The fees for rescue horses are typically extremely reduced to encourage would be adopters to apply and go through the screening process. We know buying a horse can be a quick experience, so in an effort to encourage good homes will to do an application, we make sure it is worth your time. Horses are typically up to date on vet, farrier and dental care. Often, they have just come in from training, as well.  They are honestly represented at a lower price than you would find when purchasing from someone is a great incentive to go through the adoption application.
  4.  The horses that end up in rescue are just that: HORSES. Sometimes we hear that horses in rescues have baggage that may make them less desirable. This isn’t true.  We have placed hundreds of horses. We have found that, compared to horses that have never fallen on hard times, horses within rescue organizations are there due to a human failing. That is not the horse’s fault. Rare breeds, senior and safe, well trained, young and sound, smart and up for any type of equine activity you can imagine: These are the types of horses Heart of Phoenix and all rescues handle. There is no reason to steer away from rescue because you are concerned the quality of the animal you would be adopting would be less than the sales market can offer you most of the time.
  5.  You become apart of something truly rewarding and important. This is, for us, the single most vital factor. When you adopt, while giving a forever home to one horse, you open a space to save another life. Your actions, your story, how you and your adoptive horse perform and the relationship you create tells others that Adoption is a Viable option for any equine lover. Your willingness to adopt saves lives and makes sure rescues will be here for the long term working successfully to be there for the animals we all love so much.


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