The term “Future” sometimes means Destiny: Horse Adoption

The term “Future” sometimes means Destiny.

I like the sound of that.

Horses come into to equine advocates, like us, because they needed help. They need someone to come to their aid in a time of need.

We’ve all needed that, haven’t we? But we move on and grow and find our futures. So do they.

As rescue work has grown increasing common, we somehow, with good intentions, let an animal being rescued hinder or entirely cripple their destinies, though.

We misunderstood that saving something is an action that takes place in their lives, but it is not their future. It actually has no place in their future, either.

It is part of a story – yours and theirs – but it isn’t the feature of their tale at all.

We say,

“Oh, she is a rescue.”

But that isn’t true.

The truth is,

“Once upon a time, she needed rescued, and she IS. . .
An overcomer.
A Kind personality.

She isn’t a rescue horse. She is AJ’s horse, and her name is Sally.

In her past, someone helped her. Saved her. Rescued her.

That chapter is closed forever.

She is a horse. Flashy. A Jumper.

How she proceeds from now is her future, and yes, her destiny.

Resilience is a tremendous asset any of us, human or animal, and proving you’re an overcomer and able to forgive shows you’re the best of the best.

Labels help tell a story, but having needed a helping hand in the past does not define anyone, human or horse.

Horse Adoption is choosing a sustainable, compassionate way to find a REALLY good horse with a big story.

Enjoy these beautiful images from Lynn Rose Photography LLC that capture a growing bond between a girl and her pony. Her pony. . .not a rescue pony, a Resilient pony with a future.

“Because Every Horse Deserves a Chance to be Part of a Fairy Tale”


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