The Appalachian Trainer Face off and 6th Annual Open Fun Show is coming August 24th and 25th

The Appalachian Trainer Face Off is a revolutionary event that brings previously untrained Adoptable Horses together with Amazing Trainers across our region in a way never seen here before


Over 20 trainers and horses, many which were feral prior to this event, will be showcased!

All trainers will have booths set up, offer demos and give you a chance, 
if you have applied to adopt one of these horses, to meet the horses!

These trainers have worked with these equines from Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue, INC and several other groups  from May through August, undertaking 100 days of training to be able to compete on August 24th and 25th to show the horse community just how AWESOME Adoptable Horses Can Be and to showcase their talents as horse trainers in Appalachia!

To follow the horses, apply to adopt and stay in touch, visitfull details, visit: or Appalachian Trainer Face Off

In addition to the Face Off, we have a full day of showing offered for anyone and everyone!

This is our 6th Annual Heart of Phoenix Open Fun Show. Riders from across multiple states will enjoy a day long event with many open show classes. Buy into ALL classes or as many as you’d like for just $50 per horse. Stall and camping are offered on site.

Guest Judges are Adam Black, Patrick King, Tim Clyne and Serena Lucas (for the Fun Show).

You can meet the trainers at their booths, and a demo schedule will be posted soon!

ALL Face Off horses will be adoptable following the last evening’s events, so MAKE sure to learn about the adoption and auction bidding process ahead of time on the blog at:

Apply to Adopt a “FACE OFF” Horse

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3 thoughts on “The Appalachian Trainer Face off and 6th Annual Open Fun Show is coming August 24th and 25th

  1. Did you find my application for Cortez? The only thing I didn’t get in the appl was my drivers license and pictures of where he will be pastured, which I’m working on. Please let me know if I do qualify because he will have a good loving home with me. I am broken too and he fits the bill that would fill my heart again.

  2. I forgot I am coming to the face off from Georgetown Kentucky. Is there anything I need to know before and after I get there?

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