Adopting an Appalachian Trainer Face Off Horse in August each year: An FAQ

We expect to APPROVE many applications for this tremendous event this year

  • Apply by AUGUST 14TH or have an approval in place from a previous application or adoption not more than 12 months old.

Approved adopters need to know:

The event begins at 5PM, Friday the 23rd (2019) and Ends late evening on the 24th.

The auction will follow the end of the ATFO competition on Saturday, August 24th:

Winfield Riding Arena
9254 State Route 34
Winfield, West Virginia 25213

PLEASE attend if possible, meet the horses you’re interested in, take advantage of being able to handle / ride and chat with the trainers!

  1. If you are attending in person, you will check in after arrival (Entrance is by Donation at the Winfield Riding Arena gate), whether it is Friday OR Saturday.
  2.   You will receive an ADOPTER Information Sheet.
  3. If you are not attending, please email Friday morning, even if you’ve chatted with us before, OR PM the ATFO Facebook page, so that we can be sure to assign a PROXY to you to bid for you. If a friend is attending, they are welcome to bid for you, but we do need to know  their name FRIDAY Morning.
  4. Portions of the FACE OFF and the Auction should be on livestream both on the ATFO Page and the Heart of Phoenix page, but technical difficulties may occur. Make sure to be on the phone with your PROXY and count on them to help you bid during the auction.
  5. ALL decisions of the Auctioneer and HOP are Final when it comes to the selection of the winning bidder.
  6. The actual adoption fees of all horses are $600 for amateur horses and $800 for pro horses. Any amount bid above and beyond the $600-$800 fee will be considered a sponsorship of the Appalachian Trainer Face Off Prize Package, and it is not refundable if the horse does not work for you in the future after adoption.
  7. Adoption contracts will be due with the horse is picked up. Adoptions are not a SALE. Please spend as much time as you can, post transport of the horse, with the horse. HOP adoption agreements retain lifetime first right of refusal and do not allow for resale, giving away or leasing of HOP horses. If your ATFO horse does not work out in your home, the horse must return to HOP,  and a $600-$800 ADOPTION fee will be refunded, if desired. At that time, the additional monies paid, if any, will be a donation to the organization and be tax deductible. This will be clarified on the HOP contract you will sign before transport of the horse.
  8. You have 5 business days without board incurring to pick up your  ATFO adopted horse. If more time is needed, a board fee will apply, and you will need to make those arrangements prior to auction. You must make board arrangements before the day of the auction.
  9. The adoption fee is not due until until the horse is transported or within 5 days, which comes first. It can be made in cash, check or via paypal to (friends and family only)
  10. Most trainers have expressed willingness to continue working with ATFO horses after the event for reasonable rates, some having discounted their rates, and we encourage you to make sure to consider taking advantage of this ability and chat with the trainers beforehand, please.
  11.  If you need a health certificate, a vet will be on site to offer them, but you will need to cover that cost, in addition to the adoption fee.
  12. Horses are up to date on dental, coggins, de-worming and farrier care. They will need fall vaccinations, as this event is late summer.

QUESTIONS? Comments? Email us:


SCHEDULE  of Demos and Meet and Greets, as well as FACE OFF Events Friday the 24th and Saturday, the 25th of August


OPEN FUN SHOW SCHEDULE running during the ATFO (ADOPTERS are welcome to attend to show)




ADOPTION PACKET for Bidding Approved Adopters

  1. You will receive an auction number in the office today. Please use this when you bid.
  2. (If Bidding By Proxy, please text 304-784-4061 to be assigned a Proxy by Friday evening)
  3. Bidding will begin following the end of the award ceremony for the ATFO.
  4. You have been approved to adopt the horse you applied to bid on. If you were interested in multiple horses upon applying, you are approved to bid on any of the horses listed on your application proving you are a skill level fit for the horse. If you have questions about bidding on a horse you did not apply for, please visit the office to discuss this or text Tinia at 304-784-4061
  5. The ATFO horses are at different skill levels, so please be sure to bid on horses at the appropriate skill level for you.
  6. Please take this time to meet and greet the trainers, and do ride and handle the horse you’re interested in if the trainer and horse are free to spend time with you.
  7. If riding or handling, please do so in the barn arena near the entrance only.
  8. You must sign the adopter waiver included in this packet and give it to the volunteers in the office.
  9. Please be sure you have transport arrangements made before bidding. You have 5 days before board would need arranged. Prior Approval for Board needs to be made with us. Horses must have a signed adoption agreement before leaving HOP.
  10. If you need a Health Certificate, please let us know, and this is a vet fee adopters must cover.
  11. Fees can be paid to Paypal via friends and family at or in person via check or cash. Fees only need paid before pick up.
  12. These adoptions are not purchases of horses. Adoptions do not allow resale, giving away or anything similar. Adopted horses at this event can only be returned to Heart of Phoenix for a refund of a portion of the fee ($500), regardless of adoption price paid. These terms are outlined in the legal agreement you must sign before adoption finalizes if you’re the winning adopter of any horse. The rest of the fee, if above $500, paid to HOP, if a horse is returned becomes a donation and is fully tax deductible.
  13. Please be sure you’ve visited and read over the full adoption contract and policies before bidding (the only exception to the terms online is the maximum fee to be refunded on these horses, should a horse be returned, is $500)


Bidding Order of Horses:

  • Apollo
  • Adonis
  • Davinci
  • Brody
  • Domino
  • Cortez
  • Brody
  • Bon Jovi
  • Tuscon
  • Jigsaw
  • Jody
  • Avenger
  • Sansa
  • Esmarelda
  • Shelby
  • Confetti
  • Pico
  • Tina Turner
  • Queso
  • Tamale
  • Ava
  • Remington


Nellie is competeting but not going into auction because isn’t quite ready for adoption)

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