The Unsung Heroes of the Work of Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue

The Unsung Heroes of the Work of Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue

Our volunteers and foster are remarkable and our supporters who spread the word are great, but we absolutely cannot do what we do without YOU, the donor behind the photos, the videos and the horses.

Truly, those who give are the people who carry this REVOLUTIONARY EFFORT in Appalachia.

We work hard because we love and care about abandoned or abused horses, but we are ONLY able to give this time because YOU are behind it with the financial support we must have to be able to change the lives of horses in such desperate need day in and day out.

We have seen time and again that YOU, as a donor, give when the horses needed you, and this is such a time. The opening of our new facility meant the ability to offer SAFETY to more horses, but this comes at a substantial cost, and it means we need YOUR support more than ever before.

If you’re able, the truth is, the Horses and Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue, needs YOU right now to give whatever your personal best gift can be, please.

We want to continue to effectively offer the over 50 horses who were living in tremendous need, suffering and otherwise without any hope, rehabilitation, retraining, world class medical care and eventually, an adoptive home.

Essentially, we want to continue to offer them hope and future.

Thank you for not only what YOU have already given but what we know you will continue to give to this cause.

Your donation today will MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the Lives of Horses in Need.

Here are the ways you can help:

— Make a donation online via paypal or credit card:

__ Become a monthly partner:

— Send a check via mail: Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue, INC
PO box 81 Shoals, WV 25562

— If a monetary donation is not possible today, please know there are other ways to help support HOP’s work, and we SURE need you to do, please. Find out how by visiting:

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