How (literally) EVERYONE Can Effectively Help Animals In Need in America

The task before us is enormous, there is no doubt.

Unfortunately, because there is so much to do and so often, it feels as if we are emptying the ocean with a teaspoon, some people turn away saying, “I cannot do all of this.”

True enough. You cannot do everything.

You may not even be able to do many things to help animals in need, but I assure you, you CAN do one thing (or several).

Let us start right here, if you’re reading this, you can click the share button. You can actually click share on multiple venues, too. Social media is a priceless tool when it comes to spurring action, raising awareness and finding homes for animals.

There! You’ve done one thing, and do not discredit the value in that one thing! While sharing too much or sharing the wrong animal friendly posts can make your friends and family become too weary, sharing true calls to action or adoptable animals in YOUR AREA directly to those who may be looking is super helpful and helps save animals.

The Most Direct Way: Giving a one time gift when you can or setting up monthly giving through the charity of your choice’s website. This can ALWAYS be any amount. Even if you have a small, fixed income, often you may find a way to give a few bucks, and if you’re blessed to be financially able, certainly, a larger monthly donation an organization can depend is spectacular.

If you'd like to make HOP your charity of choice, visit here:

Next, are you choosing the charity of your choice when you shop to receive a percentage of your purchase back (which costs you nothing)? Places like Kroger, Amazon and IGIVE donate automatically if you select a charity whenever you purchase from them!

HOP is signed up on all of these, and you can select us, if you'd like 
by visiting this link:

Now, you can opt to donation a portion of anything you sell back to an 
animal non profit when you sell on Ebay, and I bet this is true of Etsy 
and other online resale businesses, too. This is usually a simple process.

Your Work: If you work for a major corporation, many businesses, like Verizon, will double your giving if you have the gift taken out of your paycheck! This is an awesome option if you’re able to afford a donation of any amount. Amazingly, some of these companies match up to 25,000 dollars in giving! Wow!

Learn about which companies match their employees giving here:

IN KIND GIFTS: Most animal charities can always use donations of items you have but no longer need that related to their animals, silent auction items or popular items that might be sold to raise funding. Silent auctions are often the center of some rescue’s largest fundraising event of each year, so never hesitate to look around and see if you have something with value that you could give! Transport of animals, small and large, is always a major issue, so should you have an unwanted running vehicle, trailer, crates and the like, these items are always extremely helpful. These donations are tax deductible just like monetary gifts.

Volunteer: Do not forget that most of us have some type of skill set we can offer, if we have the time or can make the time, even if it is just once a year. DJs, Accountants, Craft people, electricians, handy men, grant writers, data base maintenance, drivers, animal groomers, video production personal,  animal training, photographers and more all have great value to ANIMAL ADVOCACY! Reach out and see if your skill set could be of help to an organization near and dear to your heart.

SPECIAL OCCASIONS: We live in a world where we are drowning in stuff and often feeling like we lack purpose. Not to wax poetic, but it is something I hear a lot. So we can always consider asking, in lieu of gifts and cards, a donation be made to the animal charity of our choice. Many people I know have done this for wedding, children’s birthdays, in memory of a loved one and for other celebrations. We also encourage giving to a rescue and letting a friend or family member know you’ve donated in THEIR NAME. Most organizations will send a notice via email or card to let the loved one know this, too.

ASK FOR HELP: Chances are, you know a business owner or a few. If you have a personal relationship with someone, they are more likely to respond to a need a local nonprofit has, so if you know of a need, event or chance of sponsorship, please always consider asking several businessmen and women about sponsoring a great charity YOU care about, and I bet you’ll find success most of the time! This expands the animal organization’s reach far beyond what they would usually enjoy.

SPREAD THE WORD, LITERALLY: Sharing on social media is great. It is true, but TELLING people stories in person is worth more than gold. Share what good works you’ve seen from the organization you care most about as often as possible. Listen when you hear someone may be adding a new dog, cat or horse to the family. Suggestion adoption and have the website to the rescue handy to share. Explain why adoption matters and tell a specific story of an animal you know waiting for a home.

ADOPT: Keep in mind, adoption keeps the rescue effort running, so when and if a time comes you can offer a home to an animal in need, look to the organization you care about and support first!

NONE OF US can do everything, but we TRULY CAN All do SOMETHING, and that will change the world for animals in need, folks!

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