Kroger is Amazing!
Did you know YOUR support adds up to almost $4,000 a year in donations at NO cost to you?
Just MAKE sure Heart of Phoenix is YOUR Charity of choice!
You have to re-select us each August. Please don’t forget us, and if you don’t have us chosen now, please consider it.
This is free for you
We are serious. This does not cost you anything.
When you shop, Kroger donates back to HOP! With your Kroger Plus card number, go to, and search for Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue to select us! Our number is 91121
If you’re outside our local area but shop at Kroger, you just need to change your personal zip code to 25704 to find us and add us!
We received almost $4,000 in the last 4 Quarters from Kroger because of all of those who signed up this previous quarter! You do have to renew each year, so if you haven’t selected us since August, please take a moment and do so.
I know rescues receiving over $4,000 per quarter, so we really need to get our numbers up. I know we can do it!
Please ask your family and friends who aren’t already supporting a charity to consider us.
PLEASE, do share.