Turner’s Story is Remarkable: His tale is also a Children’s Book

Turner’s Story is nothing short of Amazing.

In 2013, we received a request for rescue for a Shetland pony. He was 5 years old and entirely crippled from an injury long since ignored.


His back leg had been broken some time ago, and he was literally walking on the bone of his pastern. We didn’t think there was any hope he could be saved and initially thought the only choice would be humane euthanasia.

Dr. Steve Walker and his fosters, Michelle and Dennis Salyers, had hope, though. Dr. Walker suggested letting Ohio State University see him and give an opinion.

They asked we give them a shot. They had not done a surgery like this before, they would work with us to make it more affordable and they wanted a chance to see if he could be saved and end up sound.

This required many weeks at OSU. It required major surgery by rebreaking and setting the leg, then it required a cast. He also suffered from cryptorchidism and needed laparoscopic abdominal surgery to remove a testicle in his stomach cavity.

The odds seemed against him at every turn, but there was hope.


What was impossible became possible, and his story went into OSU Medical Journal. His corrective farrier, Mark Sullivan worked for a long time with his special metal shoe and today, he is entirely sound.



Then it came time to find him a home.

And Mr. Clark came long.

His story reached so many through his Youtube video, we decided in 2014 to do a children’s book.

He is kind of a big deal, folks.

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