3 horses urgently require homes or rescue in Cabell county, WV

We were contacted by a lady who is living an impoverished life herself and who lost her partner’s support due to his extreme addiction.

She has had a herd of 4 horses and 1 miniature for over a decade. One mare and miniature have been with the lady’s mother before her for 30 years.

Due to the ages of 2 of the equines, Heart of Phoenix hopes to provided need dental care and assist the person in diet changes for the seniors. Neither is adoptable or likely to live much longer due to their very advanced ages. The stress of moving such elderly horses seems unkind if we can assist the owner by placing the 3 adoptable horses and offering needed care.

Cabell County, WV location

Approved homes only or approved rescue: Apply

2 are middle aged (possibly older) Standardbred geldings who nearly match (no freeze brands or tattoos noted), 15hh or more.

Both undersaddle.

The other is a pinto Mare of 7 years old who is understarted and 14.1hh or so.


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