Team work isn’t the right word: HOP Volunteers

The sun went down many hours ago on yesterday.
Hours after it had went down and into this morning, volunteers were working.
The last 2 days have been a blur. a frenzy. amazing.
7 horses needed to come into rescue.
10 in rescue had to be moved to different fosters for various reasons: from us finally moving officially to our capacity number for the new location at Mulligan farms to moving less critical horses on to new fosters to make room at our experienced locations for new intakes.
5 horses were visited in exceptional need locally to try to get photos and evaluations so we can help the struggling owner find them safe, new homes.
2 Horses were adopted (Delta and Clyde).
We had 6 teams on the road at once.
4 borrowed trailers or maybe more (Thank you Aubrey Adkins Eric Pyles and Pete Maynard for loaning those out for others to use today), and always borrowed trucks, too (Susan Sunday, Amanda Morning, Missy Plybon Walker, Sonora Winds)
Some old pros, some new volunteers to rescue and one was even an adopter helping us out by hauling a mini to the foster where she was adopting another mini within HOP.
3 states.
It was nothing short of amazing.
I couldn’t have imagined this is where Heart of Phoenix would be when it began what seems like a million years back.
Because every horse deserves a chance at a happily ever after.
Thank you to those who worked so hard the last few days to help make it all possible.
It is work that is never done, but with each day, while the work load does grow, I know we are slowly, surely changing the face of what it can mean to be a horse in Appalachia.

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