Knowing when you have to go many extra miles. . .the Tale of Claire and Sustainable Rescue Efforts

In August, Claire, if not adopted before then, will have spent 3 years with HOP.

To date, she has been with us the longest of all of our horses.

She came in emaciated, afraid and impossible to handle.

This mare is smart. Not casually bright. I’m talking Mensa, ya’ll.
She had been mistreated. She remembered and held a grudge or two (12).

At Heart of Phoenix, we worked to save the savable, the adoptable. We work to do the best job we can to save the most horses possible. That is sustainable rescue. That is who we are. We aren’t and cannot be a sanctuary. It isn’t even in our hearts to do so. We collectively want to offer a second shot to horses WE KNOW can find homes when given care and a second chance and live amazing, healthy lives. Everyone has a different call. WE UNDERSTAND this, but this is our call.

We work to also end the suffering of the lame, chronically ill or extremely psychologically damaged. This is Rescue, too. That also means a lot to us. . .to bring the only peace many of these horses ever knew. We are proud we are strong enough for that.

We had struggled for awhile as to whether, as Claire cycled from place to place in an attempt to try to make her a safe, happy partner, whether she Could be One at all. . .that is “a safe, happy partner.”

Each time we talked, many of us said, “Yes. Yes, she can. She will.”

We have to turn away so many desperate cases each day that have no hope when we say, “No,” or say, “We are Full” that only need food and a bit of care to thrive, we learned early on to be realistic about rehabbing the horses we can and letting those go when we can’t.

We want to make the right choices for the horses with us, those waiting and be able to be here for the horses of the future.

We carry a very heavy burden of being very sure the horses we work to save are truly savable . . . not just able to keep breathing air because, as many know if you’ve watch a chronically ill person or someone deep in the battle of inner demons they eventually succumb to, just breathing isn’t enough. Some causes do not have the happy ending we like to read about at all. But being kind until the end and being there at all matters to us.

For us, “Savable” means a horse that can be adopted and live well and without pain. It isn’t a horse we can limp along, one who doesn’t understand why he suffers inside or outside. A horse that can be saved, FOR us, at least, is a horse that is pain free and able to live a happy life doing things most horses enjoy. It means a horse that doesn’t live in terror or become dangerous during routine, needed procedures like farrier care, dental work or basic handling.

Claire has had a long journey, but even though our team is used to stark choices, we just knew this girl was too smart to let her past win out.

And she WAS too smart let her past win.

This gal won the hearts of each trainer who worked with her, and each went extra miles to allow us to give her the time she needed because they believe she had a future where she could be. . .in fact. . .someone’s safe and happy partner. These folks did so without forcing us to turn away others by working with us to help, and while many extra miles were traveled by Claire, HOP, Adkins Quarter Horses and Dixon Equine LLC. . .and while she needs a confident, good rider who wants a super smart mare, she has a pretty awesome future ahead, and she is taking applicants to see whether a worthy candidate is out there for her.

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