A huge success for Horse Rescue in West Virginia: Mulligan Farm nears completion for 2017 for Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue


Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue forged an innovative path back in 2009-2012. These were our foundation years, and we grew with what has now become known as the “Foster model.”

Of course, it didn’t have a name then. We were solely a foster home only organization. We have no facility at all.

I’ll never forget when HOP attended an ASPCA conference in 2014. Those in attendance and the equine director for the ASPCA seemed entirely unfamiliar with the use of only foster homes in an equine rescue organization, and we were pretty thrilled to bring this concept to the table.

It can work well. It has worked and will continue to well for us, but moving forward, it will be an addition verses the primary way we work.

There is something a brick and mortar facility brings to an organization that the foster model cannot bring, and that is longevity and assurance.

Donors and supporters have a central location to have focus on. They know the organization has a solid chance of being around a decade from now, and that matters.

In terms of grants, it means a huge change in rescue’s ability to apply and be considered.

For events, a location owned or leased long term means a place people can connect with, a place local people identify as being the place where horses are “saved,” and a place volunteers can grow to care about in a very hands on way.

We are finally able to be insured as an organization. Foster only based groups aren’t insurable, unfortunately. This has hindered us over time.

We are very near completion at the initial set up of Mulligan Farms in Lesage, WV. We have been working on this for almost a year. It has been the longest year of our existence, really.

The farm is nearly 50 acres of lovely pasture land in what is, I feel, the best location in the state for an equine rescue operating in the capacity we do. There are 2 caretaker dwellings. The barn offers 12 stalls, and the quarantine areas offer 5 more stalls. There is ease of access, tons of turn out and a foundation.

Without you all, it wouldn’t have been possible.

The location is only 10 minutes from the most populated city in West Virginia. It offers such potential, it is limited only by our ability to build support financially to grow with our huge vision to help more horses across Appalachia.

It means more than we can tell you, and I want to thank every single person who has donated, shared and just supported Heart of Phoenix in any way through the years.

So much is coming soon.

Of course, support, donations, volunteering and sharing our work is most important now than ever. Big steps are expensive, but the payoff in this case means more lives saves saved over and over, and it means we will be here many years in the future. The horses of West Virginia will not be left voiceless again, as they were when we were founded years ago.

As a non-profit rescue, we are innovative, we have blazed a trail this state has never seen before in terms of equine welfare and have only begun, though we are 8 years in the making.

If you would like to donate to help Heart of Phoenix at Mulligan Farms finished up much needed projects and move horses in soon, please visit here.

If you’re local and can volunteer weekly, please email us!

Dreams come True with a lot of hard work and a lot of Heart and support.






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