That isn’t good enough: She deserved so much better than this. . .

She deserved so much better than this. . .

This mare has lovely manners. She is used to fans, being trailered, fly spray, being bathed and more.

She was loved once.

While she might appear to be a Palomino to some, she is actually a Champagne, so someone bred for her, I’d bet, they used her up. Bred her over and over. . .

They showed her and worked her and eventually she was sent to auction.

A man bought her, but he was a self admitted trader.

He sold her to a fellow down the road. He bred her, starved her and neglected her.

For her, saving has really come too late, truth be told, but we will love on her as best we can, but she isn’t long for this world.

She is grand and kind and deserved so much more.

She will not have another foal or do without anymore food or spend another day in pain without medication to control her broken down body’s agony.

But she was denied even her last baby in the end.

But we did stop her cycling back through the same farm that lead her to where she is today.

Oh, no! We have stopped that. She will never suffer more.

But that doesn’t suit me.

It isn’t good enough.

How dare people do this to these sensitive, giving and intelligent beings!

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