Folks, I know that many who are led to follow rescue efforts often “know” better than those successfully rescuing.
I get it.
We, the rescuers, do not know anything from our years of work. We are ignorant, Right?
I know we’ve rehabbed cases most everyone else in the nation said couldn’t be saved with success. I know we’ve made a non-profit rescue work in a place no other had before over the long term. I know we’ve been transparent and proven almost 300 times over, we know what we are doing. . .
Apparently, we are fools, right? I (personally) have no idea what is going on here, right?
I wish that all of you who know so much more could take this unpaid position and run with it because it seems those who have never done this work here with the success level we have (first time in our state’s history) know better than we do over and over and over again.
I hate to be grouchy.
But you know what? You haven’t held the horses I have. You haven’t talked to them in their final hours like I have. You haven’t ran your hands over the bones of living creatures like I have after living 20 years as vegetarian, since you were a young kid. You haven’t been there giving them kisses and handfuls of grain when you came too late like I have. You haven’t been there when not another soul would be there. . .to validate their life.
You haven’t begged for their lives like I have to law enforcement. You haven’t prayed over their lives when it seems recovery from starvation was unlikely like I have. You haven’t sat with my team, haven’t seen the tears, haven’t spent days unable to sleep like I have. . .
You do not remember them like I do. You do not talk about them years later, remember little bits of their lives. . .
SO forgive me if I can’t take your Facebook, keyboard warrior, expert advice as seriously as I take my own blood, sweat and tears. The blood, sweat and tears of a team that blows my mind, that are my friends and my team. A team that is priceless beyond any measure.
I am sorry. I can’t.
If you cannot respect experience we’ve proven out over years, over many videos and posts and photos, move on.
We aren’t the page for you.
We are a rescue for someone looking for something higher, better and something proven. Keyboard warriors fail at life, in my opinion, but what do I know?