January 1-18, 2015

Happy NEW Year from some of the HOP crew while we rang in 2015

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Remember this image from a year ago almost to the day of the Mini HOP ws thankfully able to see carried out of a Hell Hole in Ohio? She and another Mini and Bettie came from this awful place.

Honestly, the mini’s after is maybe the most remarkable AFTER I have ever seen.

She might have weighed 50 lbs when I picked her up there in the filth because she could not walk.

Click here to see her and 3 others we networked to Hope Reins in TN


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Arizona is getting a little more mellow.

(please pardon the horrible picture quality. the lighting in my barn is not very cooperative)


What a Magnificent save Snow was for us back quite a years ago. She was 35 Then! Thanks for Ferrell hollow for caring for her so well


Remember the cute paint pony in the video needs a home as she was tied up in the owner’s yard?


This Chi cross needs a home. She is one year old and 15 lbs. She is a sweet girl.

Located in Hamlin, WV

Dropped off with her sister at a dumpster last year


Take a moment and check out the Photo Data base of all the of horses HOP has directly rescued/placed since 2009.
This includes Photo, Breed, Age, Location at rescue and placement information.

Much better than the text only one from a few days ago.


Here are some pictures of “Heart” horse in his new home! This is the horse that never belonged to HOP but tested out the effectiveness of our brand for us!

The Heart P on his shoulder (which people nationally associated with HOP) brought him so much attention that he was saved at the last minute while in a Colorado Feedlot!



Rowan is the most loved girl I’ve ever had pass through my care.

Her recovery is one of the most miraculous I have ever overseen.

This after photo is her in her adoptive home today

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Buttercup was adopted shortly after Rowan to the same great home

Butter is a 20 plus year old Pony who came to us obese and actively foundering.


We are on foal watch here at HOP!

We have Moon due any moment and the new Appy, Paisley, due any moment, as well.

Folks, there are 10 days left to buy THIS original DESIGN only offered by HOP!

Please visit: https://www.bonfirefunds.com/heart-of-phoenix-t-shirts-for-…

These sales benefit Heart of Phoenix, but they also work for anyone involved in horse rescue nationwide!

26 Horses are in Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue Now.

Those are 26 Reasons to Give if you can.

We have been positively Changing the face of Equines in need across West Virginia year after year since 2009 in a way never seen here before.

Be A donor who KNOWS the power of a dependable monthly gift of any amount!

KNOWING we can count on your gift, no matter the amount, also raises our confidence to know when a NEED presents, we can STEP up and Step in.


We are so pleased with how Lettie’s eye removal is healing.

Dr. Walker at Equine Medical Center tried a newer procedure to try to help the eye socket from becoming so sunken in, and it has only been about 3.5 weeks, but I am hopeful it has been successful!

She is So much more comfortable.

This is something that caused her a LOT of pain for years before coming to us.

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Thanks to Jim Pauley at Pauley’s Rowdy Acres for the building of this lovely run in shed in the quarantine dry lot smile emoticon


I promise when this weather dries out, these girls are going to get cleaned up photos to show how pretty they both are!

Sienna and Lettie

10428027_906087909422505_7540782748815937053_n 10430895_906087906089172_5392029423452966522_n

Thank you to Bonnie Logan to hauling this girl and holding her a week until we could get space for her.

Thank you to Amanda M. for fostering!

Faith was running at large in Hurricane, WV last week wearing a halter FAR too small. Bonnie located the owners and got her signed over to HOP.

In this photo you see Faith and on the left, Amber, a HOP alum horse.


Jake wants to know where his forever person is


Jake is about 14.1hh. He is a 10 year old Appy Gelding rescued from Auction.

Jake is a sweet, puppy dog type of horse. He is green but learning more each day!

He will make someone a darling trail horse! He is calm and a bit lazy, so he would be a great guy for an advanced beginner child with a bit more work.

He is in the Huntington,WV area

His fee is $350


We have an announcement. . .

In Spring 2015, We are going to be working with Natasha Baker (pictured below) of Divine Revelation Photography in Kentucky to film and photograph the Horses and people of Heart of Phoenix in an amazing, innovative way.

Natasha’s skill and vision for a project has amazed me for years. Her work is inspiring and unique in manner very little else I’ve seen is these days.

When we sat down to discuss a way to really show the FACE of Heart of Phoenix in video, in a calendar (for ’16) and for the website, this was the name that immediately came to my mind.

She is super excited to work with us, brainstorm for us and help us SHOW you Who we are, What we Do and Why this work matters in a way NEVER seen before anywhere else.

You all stay turned because this spring, we are going to present to you the face of rescue that will touch you and inspire you like nothing we’ve done before.


From time to time, we receive emails or pms asking us to please remove a picture we have posted because it bothers someone.

Heart of Phoenix has purposed itself to be not only a horse rescue, but as an educational site, as well.

The reality of the horse world, in particular the horse rescue world, is that life is often messy. Horses can and will get themselves into crazy situations that cause them gory, ugly injuries.

Humans inflict trauma on horses (whether intentional or through ignorance,) and this tragedy can only be changed by making the horror public. By doing so, we hope that the average person gets outraged on the horse’s behalf and besieges local law enforcement with calls to action and change.

We can only show you what good stewards we try to be of your donation dollars if we post before and afters of each animal in our care and what is being done to rehabilitate them.

Horse rescue (and even horse ownership) is NOT all about washing rainbows, as we often say here.

We do not spend all day feeding horses golden hay and brushing them followed by riding off into the sunset on our well-trained steeds.

We also do NOT ONLY concern ourselves with the equines in our care. We are the go to consultants, advocates and activists for horses in crisis across this state and reach people across the United States. If our public only knew how many messages we get every day asking for help for a horse in dire straits or advice on how a person can get emergency action started on a poor horse’s behalf….

If you do not like the images we sometimes post, you are always able to click the little arrow at the top right of a post and push “I don’t want to see this.”

If these images that we share with our public about 2% of the time bother you, well then you are to be commended for still having a heart in this cruel world we live in.

Remember that we here at HOP, see much more of this than we share with you and often limit those issues to our private pages.

Woody who we networked to BIrch Hill Farm


Thank you so much for your continued support!

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