WARNING: The Following Images May Be Disturbing to Some Followers

From time to time we receive emails or pms asking us to please remove a picture we have posted because it bothers someone.

Heart of Phoenix has purposed itself to be not only a horse rescue, but an educational site as well.


The reality of the horse world, and in particular the horse rescue world, is that life is often messy. Horses can and will get themselves into crazy situations that cause them gory, ugly injuries.

Humans inflict trauma on horses (whether intentional or through ignorance) and this tragedy can only be changed by making the horror public. By doing so we hope that the average person gets outraged on the horse’s behalf and besieges local law enforcement with calls to action and change.

We can only show you what good stewards we try to be of your donation dollars if we post before and afters of each animal in our care and what is being done to rehabilitate them.

Horse rescue (and even horse ownership) is NOT all about washing rainbows! We do not spend all day feeding horses golden hay and brushing them followed by riding off into the sunset on our well-trained steeds.

We also do NOT ONLY concern ourselves with the equines in our care. We are the go to consultants, advocates and activists for horses in crisis even across the United States. If our public only knew how many messages we get every day asking for help for a horse in dire straits or advice on how a person can get emergency action started on a poor horse’s behalf….

If you do not like the images we sometimes post, you are always able to click the little arrow at the top right of a post and push “I don’t want to see this”

and if these images that we share with our public about 2% of the time bother you, well then you are to be commended for still having a heart in this cruel world we live in.

Remember that we here at HOP, see much more of this then we share with you and often limit those issues to our private pages.

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