September 5-6, 2014

Back home at 3 am after a horse auction and two saved.

What a night.

More tomorrow

And that is the sound of hopelessness. . .and terror.

We went to auction and brought two back tonight. Two rest safe, and I will never forget the ones We saw tonight we could not help.

Those in this big trailer you see here, sane, sound and lovely horses we could not save. . . 

For them, there is now no hope we can help.

And like I’ve said to you all before, these are things we see that create a sadness we fight to keep from swallowing us up.

 — with Tinia Creamer and 4 others at Ripley, WV .

Photos of those we could save and those we could not.
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ALL of the other horses in his pen went to the kill buyers. This 10 year old horse was bought by us for $50. Going to an auction is heartbreaking.
10384671_826747117356585_6277846573000458772_n 1912427_826747077356589_3415555917826736940_n
A New day BEGINS-Meet “Jake Fiddy”
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This boy is now safe with HOP – Thank God we were there last night.

So, for many reasons. . .this VERY LUCK 10 year old Appy gelding will be called:

“Jake Fiddy”

Yes, there is a story there.

Main thing to know, he is SAFE and will never see another auction house.

We had just made it to the auction when I filmed this little bit. . we didn’t know for certain he would be one of the two we could save then.

He was ran through without a name or description. On his sale paper, he is listed as “HRSE” – no O.

 — with Nicky Walters and 3 others.

I wish her first before shot, right before she came to us, didn’t have her winter coat, as she was a skeleton.
One of the top reasons a horse ends up in a mess is because of misbehavior under saddle. Here is what one of the experts has to say about fixing this problem. Although this type of work can be boring, HOP volunteers work hard on desensitizing techniques to help our adoptable horses be good citizens!
Check out little Alfie!

Wadestown, WV

Paint Mares

Broodmares, 9 years old. Not handled, never ridden

Share – these girls need a home 

Send vet and farrier references to if interested

10404217_827173787313918_7648253428178701179_n 10609414_827173767313920_3833612739519451425_n

Please don’t forget!!

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The magnitude of this before and after almost has me sitting over here in my office chair having a good cry.

Brownsville, Ohio

Approximately 20 yrs old mare, was a body score of 1 when the person rescued her. UTD on dental work. Shots UTD and trimming good for farrier ties, loads,rides. Vet said light occasional riding is ok but she is primarily retired due to a knee injury. Good with all horses and people.

Share – no fee to approved home.

Email references to if interested


This photo is from an airport in Canada in January 2014. These are boxes of horse meat ready to be shipped overseas. We wonder how much Bute is contained in each box? To read the whole article, click on this link

For more information on this plant:’%20Angels%20investigation%20of%20Bouvry%20Exports%20Calgary%20Ltd.pdf

Thank you so much for your continued support!

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