September 1-4, 2014

How important is it to you to have your horse stand still while you mount them? Here is what one of our favorite horse experts has to say about fixing this bad habit.

Skye is pictured here in her foster (future adoptive home – hehe) home with HOP alumni, Kate, up front! 
We had to go to the top of the property to find the horses this morning.
Skye on the trail today – Happy Ears!
Two of my favorite adopted HOP horses today! Who are these two? — with Alicia Cole Tucker.

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 — with Jackie Perkey.

Claire, our most recent rescue that took the barn door down from fear, has found a bond and trust with Grace, our VP’s daughter. She is so afraid of most people and everything else (really), this wouldn’t be possible – eating relaxed – with anyone else around.
Claire has found a person she is willing to follow into the barn! Grace is our VP’s daughter, and this is not the first frightened horse that has felt so safe with her over the years 🙂 — with Grace Perego and Jessie Smith Hardesty.
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Black TWH gelding
Gorgeous Atlas in his adoptive home with Donna A. He is ridiculously gorgeous. Hard to believe the skeleton he once was.

That is actually all it is about. . .

That we go in, we stop the neglect for that horse, and we make sure it NEVER happens to them again.

Period. — with Donna Wenger Ayash.

One of the most obnoxious myths that HOP hears is that “Rescue horses are all either old or worn out”. We currently have TWELVE horses in our care who are perfectly sound and 10 and under. One of THE BEST ways you can help rescue a horse is to simply share the currently adoptable ones on your own page! The chances of them being adopted are greatly magnified when you share and then we can take in another needy soul.
10622845_825480677483229_21972825643303062_n Although Wynn is in much better condition then when this video was taken, it does show his BEAUTIFUL movement! Wynn is our largest horse currently at HOP! He stands a whopping 17 HH and his feet are ginormous! Wynn is a registered Thoroughbred and a 9 year old gelding. Wynn has LOVELY LOVELY motion and would make a beautiful dressage mount! He has a lot of momentum at the trot and therefore will not be suitable for a beginner. Wynn would also be suitable for a jumping home although he will not be adopted as an eventer. Wynn has done trails and seems to really enjoy those also!
Thank you to all of those who have donated so far in the truck Match challenge! If you haven’t yet, and you would like to, remember your donations are match $2 for each dollar you donate up to $2,500! Each like we receive during the time frame will had $1 per like toward our FIX A TRUCK fund!!!
Check out how great Grace is looking! !
Claire is rehabbing, weight wise, quickly
Rode Sawyer W-T-C this evening – super short ride – what a great boy!
Look at Grace’s Before and After so far!

Please keep sharing and donate if you can! This is a wonderful opportunity for the rescue! Alfie is a 6 year old, AWP gelding who stands 13.2HH. He has a lovely little trot and has proven himself to be a calm-minded and friendly fellow! His fee is $350 and he is adoptable now! Visit to find an application for cute little Alfie!
1937474_825962574101706_7132091908041811906_n 10521920_825959360768694_3323536155718755498_o 10639616_825959047435392_2861979212644378551_n 10645160_825962760768354_1376750115000238479_n 10659173_825959260768704_6601439576840183642_n

Look how awesome Pepper is looking!

She is adoptable, young, smart and have I mentioned 16hh and gaited? ? ?


Black TWH gelding



A happily ever after for Kismet


Rudy  Adoptable unstarted now – if not adopted by the time he is 2.5, he will be put undersaddle with HOP 

If adopted now, he can come back when he is old enough for 30 days of training at NO extra cost to the adopter!

10514697_826163764081587_2475619004795966756_n 10600418_826163757414921_853513136564314056_n

Thank you to Signs Unlimited of Huntington, WV
They have been our go to folks for shirts and banners for 3 years.
We got new shirts in today! Head over and like their page:

We are looking for a very competent person to recommend for lessons on site in the Charleston, WV area. . .

If you know someone who will go to a location and offer instruction, please let us know.

We Won.

It is over.

The woman who adopted and then illegal sold Moon was held accountable in court for selling her out of contract and must reimburse HOP for the thousands of dollars that it took us to find her and bring her back.

This stands as a testament to so many awesome things for us. . .

The contract works, this teams works and the legal system did not fail this horse or this organization here where we strive so hard to create change!

Thank you for all of the hard work of our Attorney, Melissa E. Leasure.

Thank you to the Wayne county court system for doing what was just in this instance.

We take our commitment to the horses we save seriously. We would always do the same for any breech of contract for our horses.

We had to wait the full 21 days after the judgement for the appeal process to play out before letting everyone know.

Now you know.

It is over. HOP won this, we got the justice we promised OUR SUPPORTERS and Moon that we would get.

For those who would like to make sure they do not adopt to this person who put Moon’s life in danger and showed not a moment of remorse for what she had done, especially groups in Ohio where she may try to adopt again, CONTACT us.

10498671_826195834078380_3150919979447671210_o 10616671_826195770745053_2576370341781768984_n

Looks like this guy will not need to come to HOP, after all.

The folks who saw him being given away by a trader type in VA arranged to take him and intended to network him from VA to rescue with us, but it turned out, the family where this photo was taken when he was moved yesterday decided they really wanted to offer him a forever home and will be keeping him.

They let us know a bit ago they appreciated our willingness to help, but he is now safe and will stay with her friend’s family on a lovely farm.


Black TWH gelding
This pretty little momma-to-be, Misty, will be adoptable soon to a baby friendly home. Her pregnancy is confirmed and she is due in the spring. Misty is 7 years old and 36 inches
906671_826515114046452_5219029232388702573_o 10378266_826514914046472_4367413447052202522_n
Thank you so much for your continued support!

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