August 23-30, 2014

This may be one of the lovely success stories of our networking ever!!!
Exactly three years ago today, Lance, a Morgan gelding arrived after a long trailer ride from West Virginia, just 9 days before he was scheduled to undergo euthanasia when his family couldn’t find a safe place for him to go when they were being deployed in the military. Feeling a little bewildered and lost, in this video clip, little did Lance know that the following day 8-23-2011 he would meet the love of his life, an Arabian mare named Luna who had arrived from Indiana on 7-29-2011. With these two, it was love at first sight despite the fact that they are both blind. Three years later and they are still inseparable. Many people were involved in making their love story become a classic, both in Indiana and West Virginia. Thank you to each of them including Tinia Creamer of Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue, INC who worked tirelessly to network Lance into a home before his time ran out. Neither his time nor his luck ran out that summer thanks to Kind Souls ♥ 8-22-2014

 — at Triple O Ranch Equine Sanctuary.

Loving see horses placed back in 2011 (Zane Grey) doing so well!
Boone ‘ s pending adopter gives Bettie some attention today
Kate, a long ago auction pull (years ago!), in her adoptive home today (right)
Ashland, Ky. She’s a 19 year old qh mare. Registered. Has been used as a broodmare her whole life until purchased 2 years ago in foal by current owner. She is broke to ride now, but needs an experienced rider. Awesome trail horse. $150 to screened home
This is such a big deal for this boy. . .who was closed up in a stall – literally boarded in – and left to die.

Please consider entering HOP in this TSC photo/essay Rescue contact here:

Help us win 10k for the work we do!!

We have some pretty amazing photos you can chose to enter on our page:

or use this awesome before and after of Scarlett – also remember to share and vote for the entry!

They ask for our information:
Tel. (304) 691-0329
Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue, INC
PO box 81 Shoals, WV 25562


ATTN: If we have a horse posted for an owner that has REQUESTED HOP screen a home through our process, DO NOT presume to go behind us, contact the owner and request the process be by-passed.

People ask us to help because they know that is vital to safe placement. They aren’t going to take kindly to someone clearly trying to by-pass being screened. Neither are we.

If you do not want references checked, you have something to hide.

Then when you decide to cooperate, you’ve already failed to pass. Sorry.

Kismet goes to her new home tomorrow!

Many of you cannot imagine the stories we hear from folks about why they cannot keep their dogs, cats, horses, mice, toads, etc.

There are excuses, and then there are legitimate reasons. Things DO happen in life. Economic Situations change, illness happens and so forth – things we never expected or wanted happen, and we are left with hard choices. I understand this. We make mistakes.

This rescue is here when you have true reasons and when you make excuses, too.

The excuses: Those are what we hear most of the time.

. . .Where people are now bored. . didn’t think a decision through very well where an animal was concerned for about the 5th or 50th time, think of animals as disposable toys. . .

They sell when the newness wears off. Sometimes they never get another horse, cat or dog. Often, they do. For those folks, it is a cycle. Each animal has an issue that makes them not worth keeping or they have some minor life change that requires the animal to go.

One frequent excuse is: “I have Children now, so I’m too busy.”

Oh! Oh! Okay. I have children. I am busy. This doesn’t fly with most rescuers. It doesn’t fly with me.

I have children. Quite a few, actually. I started HOP when I was taking over 20 hours at Marshall University during an exceptionally high risk pregnancy. I continued to do photography part time, farm with a herd of dairy goats, cows and other various livestock, milking through winter, caring for my own horses, homeschooling, parenting and moving a heck of a lot of horses to safety over and over. Many of our team can tell you similar stories. We just do what we do what we do.

I’m not super human. I’m just a person. But I’m a person where your excuses are not going to fly.

Can’t have Rescue people anywhere – they are crazy! Haha! Nicky and Dorella, HOP fosters/volunteers, are over in Ohio tonight for the 2 Day Clinton Anderson Training seminar! Rudy, be warned, this means work for you.
Kismet went home with her adopter today!!! She stays very local  to us, too! She waited a year to find the right person 

As with most horses, they come to us with no known history. . .we do not know when they were born, what their name used to be. . .

This is how Alex found his Birthday

Kismet’s grumpy adoption face
Kismet in her home!!!
Such a pretty face!
Thanks to Angela K for fostering and delivering Kismet to meet her adoptive home today!
Gorgeous, magical Glory  adopted last year

The Hoof Care Workshop

September 12-14

Highly recommend this class!

Learn about how we are tearing the walls of illusion down on Horse Neglect and Abuse in the tri-state!

Please share in Oregon – Owner needs to find placement asap! 

Please share in the Oregon State area – What a gorgeous girl she is!

Owner says:

Anawyn is about 7 years old (rescued at about 1.5 years old),
Paso fino X Draft

Fully trained in archery, jousting, medieval games, trail riding, round pen. She’s done a bit of horse camping as well and is fairly comfy on a high line. Never used hobbles or ground-stake.

Originally had 6 months with trainer for loose reining and formal reins, but she’s very sensitive to leg aids due to the archery.

High line trained. Can be led or lead. She’s fine with kids, better with soft hands. Slight stubborn steak when close to barn or leaving herd. Lots of folks have worked with her on that. When she is really well tuned up it goes mostly away, but I think it’s a personality thing combined with the rescue situation.

Does gait of sort, but even without, she has a very smooth trot and canter.

No medical issues. Good feet. A bit overweight, easy keeper, and a tad rusty due to minimal riding lately.

Looking for a contract free lease for her in the Sisters, Bend, Eugene to Portland area, but open to other possible locations

Misty looking so much better – poor little gal is due in the spring
Little Afie!
Forgot to share this one of Turner from back in April!

Pepper’s application has fallen through.

We really get discouraged when we do our part 100%, as always, and a possible adopter does not do his/her part.

If you visit our website, you cannot make it to our application without knowing you are required to have read and agreed to the contact terms. Further, when you open the application, it asks kindly that you not fill the application out if you haven’t read and agreed to the terms of the contract.

We are un-paid, have lives and families and jobs outside of this rescue. Completing these applications take days and much consideration. It takes time from the true issues at hand when someone puts one in lightly.

So when you apply, the application is approved, you state you are going to adopt and are sending the contact and fee to hold a horse. . .then days later, an email which says after reading the contract, the retract the intention to adopt and suggest our requirements are too much and discourage some good homes from adopting.

We have to wonder a lot of things when we read something like that, but mainly, a simple question – why didn’t a person simply decide to be considerate, follow the clear directions and not waste days and days of time and not cause us to let MANY interested parties in the horse believe she had a certain placement pending?

Why do that?

You know, doing THAT is what actually causes horses to not get placed into good homes. . .Tying them up and wasting the time of a team of hardworking (unpaid) volunteers. . . that is sure-fired way to delay a horse being placed.

After 150 placements and happy adoptions, we are very happy with our process. We’ve been told over and over by adopters how straightforward and simple it is. It is where we and the horses and the adopters need it to be.

Sigh. People. . .always making the rescue process difficult. . .never horses. Always people.

So I share this with a reminder, please do not do this to us. We work hard, and we put the information out there – every single thing you need to know – just take the time to read it over, please 

Don’t like what you read? No harm done. There are plenty of horses for sale all over the place with no terms, no conditions. . .

No protection.

Want to know about Pepper? Know you have to read the contact first, but visit:

She is 3, 16hh, gaited and comes after 30 days of training undersaddle. Her fee is $500

Buckshot got a new bridle in his adoptive home. . .when his adopter came back from a Clinton Anderson training seminar in Ohio
Kaya today doing well in his home after we worked urgently, with the help of our team and Deb P., to get him safe until a home could be found. . .else he was headed to Sugar Creek. — with Deborah Pennington.
Kismet in her new digs!
Reece practicing for his appearance at the fall HOP show (Reece is adopted)

And people continue to act as if this is acceptable and NOT do anything to work on a solution.

Matewan, WV

But this happens across Southern, WV – VA – Ky – Oh

Heart of Phoenix is working toward a long term solution to solve this problem that the public is, so far, very unaware of nationally.

We are hoping to work toward a rescue center that addresses feral horses turned out on mine sites, a gelding program, a trained team able to safely recover these horses and legal changes to require fines to anyone caught releasing horses onto private or public land.

At the present, there are no legal options for mass removal. The numbers of horses on the reclaimed and active mines through WV are in the thousands. . .


Skye Pie finished up her 60 days of training today with Adkins Quarter Horses and being fostered for us with Kate’s adopter, Stephanie P of Pauley’s Rowdy Acres. Who knows, this may end in an adoption 

Skye says she likes this place! — with Suzanna Johnson.

Kismet mets her new Big Brothers! — with Angela M. Kirchner.
Pecos and his girl today 
Rudy learning to crosstie! What a pretty fella!

HOP needs a list of dedicated volunteers for two upcoming events:

The Pumpkin Festival the first weekend of October
The Horse Show October 25th

What a gorgeous photo from Earth Song Ranch! ESR has donated products to HOP in the past when we had the nurse mare foals in 2012.
I have no doubt she has. . .
I really love the suggestion that the mine horses are there because horses aren’t slaughtered for human consumption in the USA for export anymore (sigh. SMH). Right. Love how this theory ignores the fact more horses are slaughtered from America now than ever AND That this feral horse issue has been going on since before slaughter moved strictly over the borders. PEOPLE, Please have a care for accuracy when you make claims. They should at least be feasible not totally impossible. Your agenda means nothing If it can’t be supported with proof.

Taylor county, WV

3 QH horses in need of homes following seizure case.

The mare is 10 years and 15 hands.
1 year old filly and 4 mo. old foal (filly).
Mare could be bred back.

They will adopt with vaccines and coggins.

Mare will need teeth floated.

Screening required – send your vet and farrier references and facility photos to

No fees or nominal fees required

10548271_823257181038912_3565238251608556694_o 10495821_823257134372250_3807191639280842560_o 10292338_823257244372239_1689292633656665925_n
Around Columbus, Ohio 
7404978576 please help. She has to be out Saturday. The animals have no place to go. Shelters are full. Owner has a place the animals do not. Please help and share. (7 photos)
1947585_287955644738905_5073907074154432856_n 10419572_287955541405582_4530448158547767862_n 10482291_287955524738917_6792854639601928064_n 10505527_287955558072247_1719672534480984489_n 10600425_287955501405586_110520924802625706_n 10628556_287955598072243_6444649509259334666_n
HOP president’s mare in front, Spicy (adoptable now) in back

Learn more at:

Attend the event at:

Came to me just a bit ago from a horse gal I know about more feral horses. 

“My neighbor went to one of the Southern counties (IN WV), and these are just a FRACTION of the feral horses he found. He said they are all tame and come right up to you…how sad! Our neighbor said his friend brought a couple home…pulled in with a trailer and they hopped right on. Got them home and they were kind horses and even broke to ride”

She is sending a video which she described with: “imagine this amount of horses pictured here, and then spin around in a 360 and fill every frame with this amount ”

This also dispels the myth of all feral horses looking “good.”

Please understand, the numbers are in the thousands just in ONE county. A free for all pick up is NOT an answer. Learn more at:


One herd of WV Feral horses

Please understand, the numbers are in the thousands just in ONE county. A free for all pick up is NOT an answer. Learn more at:

More video of ANOTHER herd I received just this week –

Please understand, the numbers are in the thousands just in ONE county. A free for all pick up is NOT an answer. Learn more at:

Folks, If you’ve sent me information on a horse in need you would like the rescue to crosspost, network or accept. . .

Please know, I’ve had SO, SO, SO many in the last few weeks – literally, I cannot wrap my head around it, and I honestly cannot remember who I have gotten back to, forgotten to post about and so forth.


We are full right now, but we will share stories of horses in need – always.

Ball Rolling – consider attending
We have had an AMAZING offer!!! To raise funding and awareness:
For every $1 dollar HOP can raise between now and Sept 15th, a Generous Donor
will match it with $2 dollars. For every additional like HOP’s page receives over the 4,210 we have now
She will donate $1 Dollar
Up to $2,500 for us to GET our Truck Up and Running!
Don’t LEAVE us Stranded! Donate today and share the page to encourage LIKES!
 — with Nicky Walters and 10 others.
3 Golden Retriever puppies headed to rescue from Boone County
Boone!! — with Will Lisa Allomong.

The horses currently in rescue with no applications pending –


Stocked up the rescue medicine cabinets with Bute, Syringes, U-Guard pellets, Mite/Lice treatment (something we need all through winter with new intakes), Wormer and so forth.

So thankful that meeting the needs of the horses is possible with our donors’ support!


By nature, I am not a person to want to depend on another person. For any reason.

Prior to rescue, I had counted on few for anything.Further, I’m a hard core pessimistic sort of person.

Then I landed in rescue. I didn’t ease in. . .I jumped in, ran in. . .lost myself in rescue.

And I’ve had to learn to believe in people. To believe in something good in the face of ridiculous amounts of bad.

I know you hear so often from rescue folks, “I hate people” and all sorts of similar statements because we do deal with the dregs of society. Yes, that is true.

But we deal with the most giving of people, as well. Day in and out, I find faith I never knew I had, and I put it out into the real and the social media world. . . in our donors, adopters, page followers and volunteers.

I have to believe in you ALL. If I didn’t, there would be no way I’d continue. There would be no way the wheels would keep turning.

Daily, I find such a high measure of faith that you all will step forward: Share these plights, adopt, donate and work hard for no financial reward. . .

And I find. . .you have not let me down.

Enough of you truly care. You make me believe there is humanity in the world.

Thank you for that.

(A photo from long ago with rescue mare, Zip, and Me)


Winfield, WV

Approx 7 months old chihuahua that was pulled from a kill shelter. Spayed, vaccinated, dewormed & flea treatment. Uses puppy pads (occasional accident) but learning to go outside.

She had a wonderful happy personality, gets along with foster’s 7 other dogs, cats & even chickens. No fee to good home with references .



Sometimes the rescues aren’t as thankful as you use they were.

Claire’s response to being handled during a bath? Tear the barn door down.


The puppies have all been adopted or have adoptions pending in less than 24 hours!

We are also going to cover the spay costs for the mother, so that the owner no longer has unwanted litters.

This is an impoverished area. The lady had been trying to give these puppies away for weeks. The location she was in had no one interested in these pups, and the costs of spay for this family is cost prohibitive. We will take care of that –

Yes, we are horse rescue, but we always help other animals in need when we can.

Thank to Kim C. and Pitiful Paws Rescue for placement!

The rescue will be keeping one horse horse at Freedom Farms. They have stall opening now
Thank you so much for the continued support!

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