August 16-22, 2014

Just some of the cases we’ve rehabbed over the past few years.

How many of you recognize these shells of the horses they are today?


These are what RESCUE means. . .
People look so hard for a reason why these horses end up thrown away and saved by HOP.

There is One reason they end up rescued. . .
and it is always a person at fault.

We’ve had an amazingly nice offer from Abigail W of @Dark Star Farm in VA:
to turn our sketches for Turner’s story (a book the rescue will self publish for a fundraiser before Christmas ’14) into Illustrations ready to be printed for no cost to HOP.  

So exited to see this project completed!

Pepper’s second day out on the trail. Here is her gait. She is barefoot and in a no-shank snaffle bit and still extremely green. When she gets it right, she is very smooth and totally a naturally gaited horse. — with Tinia Creamer and 2 others.


Congrats Dawn W on her adoption of Ellie. She will join Dawn’s gelding who is 29 years old and has been her trail partner for 20 years  He will retire now and have a pretty new girlfriend in Ellie 


Proctorville, Ohio 
We currently have two stalls available for full or partial board
Claire today
Claire today  Already improving. I suspect she will rehab quick.
Check out Boone’s progress. What a fast rehab this gorgeous tank of a boy has had
A gorgeous moment with Sonora and Boone – Sonora has been his caretaker since he came to rescue, and today, that part of his rehab ends and he went to Sunday Stables to complete his rehab and wait for his adoptive home Man, what a pretty head he has! — with Sonora Winds.

What do I see here. . .but Bettie looking happy.

That is the first time, since rescue, I’ve seen that.

Wow. She is adoptable 

And Grace is like, “hey, hey! Have a treat for me?”
Sawyer nearly rehabbed and waiting for his adoptive home
Let’s not forget Stitch’s progress – remarkably quick!
When I look in the eyes my own horses and then into those of the rescues in our care, the stark difference is so plain. Oh, the things they have seen my own never have. The confidence my own have in man, something the rescues have no cause to feel. My own are no more deserving. How unfair the world deals out the cards.
Boone nearing his after!
Sawyer also nearing his after!
Stitch has just been in rescue a short time (about a month), but he is looking so great in such a bit of time!

Bella is a 12 year old Quarter Horse mare. She is quiet for grooming, tacking up, around the barn etc. She has been to horse shows and on trails. Her current owner loves her dearly but isn’t able to ride her as much as she would like and prefers to find her a good home where she can get more saddle time. 

Bella is being placed through Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue, INC as an owner placement. Potential adopters will need to complete an application and submit a contract upon approval. The adoption fee for Bella is $600.

For more information about Bella’s past, skills, behavior etc. contact her current owner Amanda Morning. Most questions I will not be able to answer.

For an adoption application go to

 — with Tinia Creamer and 2 others.

If you haven’t been to our youtube channel, I think you will find it worth the visit. Take a box of tissues, too


Misty is bred. Just confirmed with Dr. Walker. . .

The foal is small, so likely will be born early spring, he thinks

Never news we want to hear, but there it is, nonetheless.

Thank you to Angela for hauling her, as her foster, to be ultrasounded today

Tara getting X rays today — with Tinia Creamer.
What a kind and great idea, Jim! If anyone is interested in taking Jim up on his challenge to our supporters, please visit our website to learn how to donate!

As one of many, I trust, who were moved by Tinia’s recent tributes to the devoted persons who, in turn, comprise the caring tapestry of Heart of Phoenix, I’ve given thought to what those of us, removed from their daily efforts of equine hope and grace, could do to foster HOP’s compassionate mission. To that end, would there be, perhaps, 100 of “us, HOP Facebook Likes,” who might each contribute $25 (the monthly equivalent of $2.09 x 12), toward the specific goal of replacing the “blown” engine of HOP’s recently donated, but now, inoperable truck? To have that truck “rehabbed” would, seemingly, give HOP an inspirational boost–especially as winter approaches, with its associated perils/problems to its upcoming rescue intakes. So, to that end, with the hope that, perhaps, 100 of us “likes” may see the value of such endeavor, (or some other, even better idea), I offer the beginning donation of $25 for what might be tabbed “Horsepower for HOP” (H-HOP). Collectively, maybe we can get that truck back on all fours, healthy again. In appreciation of your consideration of these thoughts.
 Makes me smile 
HOP…. Wanted to share a pic of a horse I found thur your networking in July 2013. He was in need of a home and I was in need of a friend. Thank you! — at Falls Creek Farm.
So happy to show you Marlee’s cute and HAPPY little face today while she was getting her exam, teeth done, etc!! 
I think it is so important for our followers and donors to know, it is one of my greatest prayers, greatest hopes that we always do right by the horses that fall under our care. The MAIN and most important goals HOP has are to save as many as we can and ALWAYS giving these horses OUR very best. Always.
Application in on Pepper!
Misty being ultrasounded at Equine Medical Center today –
Tara had decent news today after about a million X-rays to be positive of what was being seen, as Navicular can be hard to diagnose. Thought symptoms pointed to that, it seems the navicular bone is only very slightly abnormal, so little that our vets would not give as definite diagnosis. We are going to consider a few options are getting her sound and will know more soon.

Who remember this awesome senior pony now living the life of leisure as a companion!

Gandalf. .. the pony my youngest son has never forgiven me for not adopting


Please spread the word 

Winter is so very harsh here in terms of how many emaciated horses that come to us; vetting and hay run into tens of thousands of dollars. . .

The success of events we host, such as these, are vital to so many liveSee More

 — with Tinia Creamer and 15 others.

Looks like Kismet has a home pending! 
It is hard to believe that this pretty little thing used to be such a rack of bones! Isn’t Kismet a lovely little mini?
Thank you so much, Waddell’s Auto and Scrap Metal Recycling of Elizabethtown, Ky, for the Generous donation and commitment to be a monthly sponsor!
Look for us again at this year’s pumpkin festival!!!
Look for a front page story on HOP in this week’s Cabell Standard and in next week’s Putnam Standard!

Alfie is looking amazing.
This boy will forever have a special place in my heart!

What a champion of little horses he is. . .to have overcome so much
and hold no grudge against people for what was done to him.


Tara today  What an amazing after she has.

This Fjord/QH cross mare is being rehomed.

6 years old and 15.1hh / Neck reins

She is in Ky. Her fee is $300

While she has done parades and drill,
She is suitable for trail riding only due to some maneuvering difficulties 

Intermediate rider type

Goes on HOP contract after application approval

Oh, I have a design for the most lovely rescue shirts – coming soon! coming soon!

I hear this so often.

Our rescue images reach thousands and thousands a day.

People say, “Someone needs to stop this. Someone needs to help. Someone needs to DO SOMETHING.”

Today I ask you to do that. . .do something. Be the someone.

Do not re-value the importance of what you can give.

We are here. We are saving horses in need. We
can only continue and help more instead of turning them away with your financial support.

Reaching over 4,000 people on this page and an additional 6,000 on our director’s page, imagine the change this area would see if every single person that saw this donated $5 dollars. . .even $1 a month. That is $10,000 – one dollar from each person. . .

That, my friends, would change the lives for so many.

Ways to Donate

1. Mail a Donation Check to:
Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue, INC
PO box 81 Shoals, WV 25562

2. Donate Via Paypal:

We are a 501(c)3 Organization and a Gold Participant in Guidestar:

 — with Tinia Creamer and 12 others.

Check out Alfie!
Adoptable now! 

Consider Adoption today. Wynn and Skye are ready to be adopted! And many others are nearing a point where they are ready to be adopted!

What progress Marlee has made already!
This poor three legged German Shepard mix needs a home. He has been in a home for 3 years , and they have decided he needs a new home. Very friendly. Hurricane, WV – please help him find a safe home. Rescue needed now! Livestock friendly. Housetrained. — with Twala Ellison and 2 others.
Please share our vendor sign up form for the upcoming Show: Oct 25th – we would love to have tons of vendors out for this event. Any crafts, local businesses or any type of booth is welcome! Face Painting (you keep proceeds), etc, as well!

Updated sponsorship form – only $30 per class. Great advertisement for your business or a way to acknowledge a loved one! Help us get all of our classes sponsored!


Our Final Show Bill –

Something for everyone!

$5 Fun Class entry or pay $30 and
enter as many as you like!

$10 Formal Class entry or pay $50 and
enter as many as you like!

So glad they used this shot they took at the last minute the day of the interview! Perfect. Check out Wynn and Susan! — with Tinia Creamer and 13 others.
Rescue Truck repair quote – ouch – 2170 engine / 660 install / 125 tow
Thank you so much for your continued support!

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