June 27-30, 2014

This is so touching. How inspiring!!!
This is my three year old son. We’ve been teaching him about responsibility with money (how to earn it and what you can do with it). He has three bags: save, spend, and give. He’s saving for a big Optimus Prime toy but I asked what he wanted to do with his give. He said he wanted to help animals. I asked what kind and he said horses. I decided whatever he puts in his give I will double and give. He’s really excited about this and every day asks if it’s time to help the horses yet.
I just wanted to share his little story with you while he earning since he’s so excited (possibly more than he is about Optimus!)
We’ll let ya know about his progress!

Folks, feel free to drop by Sugarwood Golf Club for the fundraiser tomorrow and say hello from 7am onward: We will have new shirts for sale,new brochures and food!

The golf scramble was a huge success! Thanks to so, so many volunteers, teams and sponsors!

Pecos turned out on is VA home

Thanks for Hostutler Family Farm for agreeing to help this boy in Northern, WV. She contacted me to let me know his owners, who have had him a short time, were planning to sell him to a meat buyer, and I asked if she wanted me to find rescue. . .she said they wanted to help him. . .Need for Rescue by-passed, Horse saved. . .

We surely appreciate when that can happen. They will pick him up soon.

Saturday, July 12, 2014 from 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM (PDT)
St Albans, WV

Alex and his adopter, Nicky (also a volunteer), did a great job at the show yesterday in Winfield, WV. Hoping to hear a good report from the show today, as well!

Hard to believe this is the same seized horse starving with Rowan and Blake last year. — with Nicky Walters.

Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue is trying to build a large, reputable database of rescues nationwide that are 501(c)3 organizations. These organizations would need to be willing to rescue feral mine horses seized through a legal process from West Virginia reclaimed mine sites. The groups would need to be able to send volunteers to the state and help with capture of each horse. Each organization would receive at least $1,500 (possibly $2,000) per horse accepted from West Virginia land corporations. This would need to be a committed, long term event. Accepting more than 1 or 2 at a time is preferred, but those able to accept only one at a time will be considered.

Heart of Phoenix is working to get this working as a nationwide program for West Virginia feral mine horses with funding already in place. The number of horses in need is in the thousands. It will be years in the work to solve this horrible problem.

The funding per horse may be slight more than $1,500. This ONLY applies to 501©3 organizations able to provide a tax deduction.

Don’t forget, the rescue has an Open House scheduled for Saturday, July 12, 2014 from 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM in
St Albans, WV

Grace certainly looks so much better, but her malformed mouth is making her take baby steps toward an amazing after

Check out Memphis looking amazing during a lesson with his future adopter and Aubrey from Adkins Quarter Horses

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Hurricane, WV

Chi cross female – will adopt out spayed. She was dumped in a garbage bin area with her sister we’ve already placed.

She is about 9 months old.

45 fee with an approved application

Beautiful Memphis –

What a sign of relief to see this boy who took so long to rehab nearing the end of that process now!

Does anyone locally have a pair of Easyboot or Easyboot like boots we may try out on Tara? I need to measure her, but I’d prefer to make sure they work well for her before the rescue invests in a pair.

Addy is looking great and is adoptable from Lilly Pond. You will remember we rescued her, rehabbed and loved this old gal, but we were mistakenly told she was in foal and thought a foal centered rescue would be best for her. She went to Lilly Pond only for us to find out once she arrived, our vet was mistaken when he palpated her, and she was not in foal. lol!!!


Maybe you hadn’t seen Turner’s story before. . .

Thank you so much for your continued support!

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