June 23-26, 2014

Sawyer is such a sweet boy! This guy is going to prove to be a PERFECT child’s mount

Memphis has calmed down SO, SO much since being turned out on our Vp’s farm. A whole new horse.

While Grace is perky and has gain a nice amount of weight in the short time she has been in rescue, even though she has had her teeth floated, she is still losing TONS of feed, so while we are making diet changes, we are going to have to have her teeth readdressed. What a shame for such a young girl


Ellie is such a wonderful girl. Where is her forever family?

She has an old hock injury that is superficial and has been X-rayed. You can see it here; however, she is sound and no bone is connected with the injury that is healing nicely.


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Can I tell you how much I love this boy! I am so happy to say the adopter will spoil him to no end once he is ready to go, and that is what I hope for with all of these guys!

We have had such awesome support for this event so far, but lets make it s SMASHING SUCCESS. Spread the word! We can still use more prizes, more players and more sponsors

Thank you to Jim and Stephanie Pauley for hauling a huge load of alfalfa mix bay to our Vp’S farm


Help us get a new engine for the rescue truck!

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Who remembers that gorgeous, rehabbed QH, Rebel (Diesel)? He was originally placed in a stabled environment but due to Heaves, needed to find a different home with pasture turn out, and Just look at this boy now


I’m trying to build a Reputable database nationwide of 501(c)3 organizations that would be willing (if any) to rescue feral mine horses from WV (this would include the round up) with a donation TO qualified rescues of at least $1,500 (possibly more) coming in per horse. This would need to be a committed, long term agreement. Accepting more than 1 or 2 at a time is preferred, but those able to accept only one at a time will be considered.

This isn’t something we can start now, but I’m working to get this going as something of a program with positive funding already in place now. The number of horses in need is in the thousands. It will be years in the work to solve this horrible problem, but after a meeting today with the right people, We have solutions. . .we just need groups able to commit.

The funding per horse may be slight more than $1,500. This ONLY applies to 501©3 organizations able to provide a tax deduction.

You guys just wait until you see the video of Alfie coming in a bit!

Alfie has been in training less than a month, and he is already doing beautifully with an 11 year old rider. The work of Raven and Suzanna Johnson has been amazing with him. He is adoptable and really will be a stellar child’s pony soon!

Atlas (right) with his awesome adopter who loves him very much

I have a hard time understanding how this flashy, gorgeous pony hasn’t found her forever home.

So it would seem

Catch Alex (HOP Alumni, rescued last May from brutal neglect with Rowan and Blake) and his adopter, Nicky W, at the Winfield, WV show this weekend!

Cheer them on there – they are an amazing tam!

At $100 ea, keeping the mares and stallions together makes good economical sense, right?

And lets pour the whole corn to them to make sure we founder them all, too, while we are at it.


I worry. I’ll be frank.

About these 16 horses in rescue. . .

How will we make sure they each find an amazing home, how will I bear turning so many away that have no chance without us while the others wait for their adopters to come, will we be able to assure there are enough donations to continue a high standard of care, where will the next month’s donations needed to run the rescue come from should a few we depend on not come through. . .

What if something happens and even one of our much needed volunteers are unable to continue with us . . . or What if I would not be able to do so?

Rescue is a difficult thing – I can control very little of this. I never know what urgent case may need us, what health or training issue may come up with current horses, when people will give or walk away or return a horse. . .

See, we depend on so many things for this to work, and a lot of it rests on all of you.

This doesn’t work if even a few small elements fade, falter or fail.

This is an amazing giving machine of people – we can’t be without you. . .

Donate, sharing, spreading the word, training, volunteer, fostering and that is a fact.

16 horses lives depend not just on me, they depend on you, and they depend on consistency . . .and that 16 turns into 100, 200 and on it goes. Real lives changes, saved and lives that would have been left untouched without the machine of HOP.

The success of the rescue is that each part of the body of HOP never underestimates how VITAL he/she is.



Shirts are coming, shirts are coming! Thanks Signs Unlimited

$15 ea plus $3 shipping if needed – PayPal equinerescue@live.com

Thank you so much for your continued support!

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