June 18-22, 2014

Beauty has went on an adoption trial with previous HOP adopter, Amanda, today! — with Amanda Morning.

So who can guess who this girl is?

Can you believe Grace is already looking this MUCH better?!

Sawyer is rehabbing very well!

HOP foster/trainer/volunteer, Susan Sunday, took our VP’s mare, Sue, for a spin today – they had a time! — with Susan Sunday.

So Memphis was more than a bit stoked to be turned out to pasture today. . .can you tell?! — with Jim Gerchow.



Local folks, catch HOP alum on channel 13 news tonight during Nicky’s story on the local 4h equine camp

Check out Buckshot!

He isn’t finished rehabbing yet, but he is surely looking amazing. The winter before photos hide so much; however, a good eye can see the rib shelf, spine and croup pretty easily in the before. — with Susan Sunday at Sunday Stables.

Oh, how often we encounter this in rescue
Lol what I think of when I see horses refusing to get in the trailer.

Happy Adopters make my heart sing!
People I am so exasperated and happy dancing for the joy my new “Heart of Phoenix” equine rescue partner is giving me. BUCKSHOT has learned so much in 4 days here at horse camp. He has gone from knowing nothing to backing away from his stall door on voice command to get his hay, following me without a lead rope on him. Moving left or right with leg cues to the ultimate challenge this morning of on the trail are two 2×6 boards held together by 2×4’s to make a narrow bridge over a mud puddle for hikers. Horses usually go through the larger puddle on left and some shy at the bridge but with only 3 attempts buckshot did what I asked and crossed the bridge. One proud momma here. A big horse camp “how how” to buckshot.

Received 3 Sponsorships today and 3 golf team conformation letters . . .we still need 6 more sponsorships and we’d like to see 4 more golf teams, at least.

Huntington VFW – post 1064 – and Heart of Phoenix Benefit Golf Scramble

Friday, June 27, 2014 from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Lavalette, WV

3 excellent prospective applications in! Please share and help us find homes for those ready to start the next chapter of their lives and make room for us to help more. We are totally full and cannot help others until this happens. http://www.wvhorserescue.org/adopt_horses.html

Skye will head back to us soon. We are full with all our local fosters, so she will continue her training with Aubrey Carey close by in Ohio because she has a local person interested! Hooray!

Just ordered H.O.P Brochures! We are working up a better design for the future, but vista print had a great offer, and so we will have these in time for the next few rescue events!

Thank you Effective pet wellness! Sponsors of Equine Wellness Magazine’s rescue of month selection. HOP was selected for the next issue

I am a Rescuer. . . of those unable to save themselves.


What a DOLL Kismet is! Angela K is volunteering as her trainer and teaching her to drive. She is adoptable! — with Sonora Winds and Angela M. Kirchner.

We need volunteers for the golf scramble this coming Friday at Sugarwood in Lavalette

We also need a running list of volunteers for the Open House in St Albans on July 12th

Anyone interested in helping, PM Stephanie at https://www.facebook.com/stephanie.davis.798

Who hadn’t seen Scarlett’s Behind the Scenes footage?
Scarlett’s Behind the Scenes footage
For those that have watched Scarlett’s original video many times over, here is some additional footage never before shared –


Tony, Jessie, Nicky and Dorella found out some exciting news about Memphis today when Tony checked him for a tattoo!

When he came in, I asked my husband to check for a tattoo as I wasn’t here when he was unloaded. He said he didn’t see one, and I never looked again.

I assume he was all TB, but since there was tattoo, I thought. . . well, maybe Appendix, and so that was how he was labelled.

But the more he rehabbed, the more we would talk about how he looked pure TB. . .

Our VP and I just had this conversation when I moved him to her farm a few days ago. She just heard his whinny before she saw him in person and said: “He is a Thoroughbred, right?” I went through the same thing – no tattoo, so we’d figured a TB cross but how he sure looked pure TB.

Today, Nicky and Dorella thought to check him again, and HE DOES HAVE A TATTOO.

Meet Super Saintnick


Jockey: Ismael Perez
Trainer: Timothy L. Wright
Owner: Amanda Miranda
Breeder: John J. Greely III & Cranford Stud

GGG.sire on both sides: Northern Dancer

This boy was started 17 times, won 4, placed 2, show 2

Won nearly $40,000
and was then thrown away in 2011.

The issue is breeders and/or owners are still responsible for these horses even if they give them away to what is assumed to be a good home. . . the moral is about the same, sadly. . .they created them. They should stand in the gap for them, but this is a business. They were through with them and they give them away, sell then, auction them. They almost never lay up for their future or protect them. Intentions do not county for much. Follow through does. I’m sure a lot of them “wish” this didn’t happen, but unless they are proactive, they are at fault here, as well. Rarely do these people seem to ever follow up, though it happens. . .even when they do, they do not rush to their rescue enough to mention, when they find out the horse has been starved, at least it has never happened in any former race horse we’ve handled.

But at least Now we know his story. . .I cannot tell you how important know their stories are to me.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YVFQbgh7VZg — with Nicky Walters and 3 others.

Needs rescue in Va

We just had a great question about the Open House in July:

“Regarding Open House

I am unable to adopt, but love horses and learning more about them. Would attending open house be alright? Wasn’t for sure if it was more geared toward those hoping to adopt.”

This is totally for the community – whether you can adopter or even expect to own a horse in the future, WE HOPE to see you there!

https://www.eventbrite.com/e/heart-of-phoenix-open-house-tickets-11550091635?ref=elink — with Nicky Walters and 31 others.

Please consider donating to the rescue to help us care for our current rescues. We are full and any donation would be a tremendous help and truly appreciated.

Thank you so much for your continued support!

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