June 1-4, 2014

I’m so sorry for the late update everyone. I had some family issues come up over the weekend and I’m afraid time got away from me.

Here’s what we missed – Jess

Alfie already doing so well with short rides in one week! Smart, smart pony here, and his fosters are doing wonders with him!

This program has been awesome

Grace’s video – a MUST watch. SERIOUSLY

Match made in heaven, it looks like – Jayden and Pecos today

Boone is looking so much better! Wow! He has shed a lot of that awful coat.

Clover outside and enjoying a short ride today! — with Susan Sunday.

Teddy is such a good, good boy! Someone should snatch this magical boy up before I keep him forever! lol! http://www.wvhorserescue.org/adopt.html — with Tinia Creamer.

Willy! What a great video HOP volunteers, Nicky and Dorella, did with him today!

Alfie the amazing and tolerant pony

I can’t tell you folks what an amazing volunteer team HOP is fortunate enough to have these days. We’ve come a long way from a husband and wife that started doing this alone in 2009 without a clue what was in store for us. We’ve grown into a true organization ever finding amazing additions to this effort as time goes on. I see enough to know how VERY, VERY rare this is. I’m am more grateful for those who have sacrificed their time to make this work than I can say – it takes a small but dedicated army. Have no doubt about it.

Look how awesome Alice looks now! She is nearing her one year anniversary since rescue. She was adopted by HOP Volunteer, Stephanie D! — with Stephanie Davis.

I’m so excited to show you Clover’s video! WOW~ This girl!!!

We currently have 16 horses in rescue. Sixteen!

Our greatest desire is to be able to maintain this large number in rescue and continue to grow this effort, but in order to do that, we need committed monthly sponsors. We must be able to count on Your donation to be certain this effort can continue as we are right now.

Commit today to sponsor this week each and every month. You will never regret that choice.

This is a gutwrenching story that covers Clover’s entire intake and rehab. It will break your heart to see what she has been through

Surely you folks know a LOT of people who LOVE to golf in the Tri-state area?

Please take a moment to help the rescue out and suggest those avid golfers you know consider taking part in an event that will benefit both area Veterans through the VFW and the area equines through HOP!

Share, share

If you know no golfers, that is OKAY! We still need HOLE Sponsors from local businesses and prized donated!


I’ve heard some concerns about the adoption process. People who may be suitable adopters for the horses might be put off by the process.

After all, it isn’t as simple as giving us cash and taking the horse of your choice home.

But folks, I assure you, it isn’t very complicated, either.

These horses have been to Hell and made it back. We plan to protect them. So adoption is quite unlike a sale.

The average investment by HOP into care and rehab per horse runs upwards of $2,000 or more. Horses are UTD on coggins, vaccines, dental floats, farrier care when they come to you. Their fees are so modest, homes looking to sell horses couldn’t hope to offer as much horse for the fees we do as this is not for profit, and fees top out at $500.

We evaluate them, heal them body and spirit, and we stand behind them.

We do not push a horse that isn’t a good fit for you. We want the pairing up to be ideal, the best thing for both parties, so you know when a horse comes from us, the ONLY motivation is a GREAT HOME THAT IS GREAT FIT for the horse in question and the rider. If the horse doesn’t work out. He comes back to us. No fuss, no muss.

You find something in life changes drastically in the future – you lose a job, encounter chronic illness, the adoption was a mismatch, you bring the horse back to us and receive your adoption fee back as long as you transport and the horse is healthy when coming back in the condition he left in.

The advantages are immense, to say nothing of what an ethical, kind choice adoption is!

So why do more quality homes not adopt?

The fact is before you are able to adopt, you have to prove yourself. Just like you do not want to bring a horse home site unseen with no information, just as you want to ride the horse and spend time, possibly vet/farrier check the horse to make sure the horse is what we say. . .just as you want to “prove” the horse,

You have to prove you are the quality of home these horses (all horses) deserve.


This means an application and verification. This means an approval process. This means the horses leave on a contract.

But you know what those over 100 adopters we’ve had say. . .they say they would expect nothing less. They continually express it is a simple, reasonable process. They appreciate the contract protects them and the horse for the foreseeable future.

Check out the process on our website. If you have questions, ask! We do not approve all homes, but we work with adopters we believe are kind and caring homes and try to make adoption work when we can. Expectations are for safe homes able to afford equine care – nothing out of this world.

We have some amazing horses with SO much to offer. . .do not let an extra step prevent YOU from offering a home to horse that deserves it SO very much!

Adopting a rescue horse is something TO BE VERY PROUD OF!

An Update in video on Boone

HOP WINDOW DECAL PRIZE for the first person to correctly GUESS which adopted HOP horse is in this photo. NO GUESSES from volunteers or board members – ha!

Thanks Kim for guessing correct right off – it is Scarlett in the back there

Local folks, take a few moments to print these off and work on helping us make this event a success!

Ellie was great on her trail ride today! How has this girl not been adopted?

The comedy for the evening – meet the team!

A great video of Pecos and Jayden from today! Seeing these types of updates are priceless!

The one, the only. . .Atlas. This boy was regal and gorgeous even when emaciated. . .

Check him out now in his adoptive home today! Maybe call him Tank, for short? Wow. Wow!

Coming up on his one year Anniversary since rescue

Another of Atlas with his adoptive momma who surely loves him lots – today

Today we were finally able to help this ancient old Jenny cross the Rainbow Bridge.

Thank you to Gena, our volunteer, for finally arranging a burial for her and moving her for the vet to the burial location at her home.

Gena has kindly overseen more than one euthanasia for HOP where continuing life for the rescued animal would have been cruel. . . and so it was with this old girl.

We had been fighting an uphill battle to get her moved somewhere that we could get equipment to make this whole thing possible.

Gena wrote, when it was done:

“…So we take the small victories and cherish them sometimes more than most and take the losses even harder when there is nothing we can do but take comfort knowing we did all we could humanly possible. Please keep the rescue in your prayers and the members as today has been a sad day all around.

For me..I am cherishing the fact that even after I walked Jenny to the rainbow bridge..I saved one old turtle risking life and limb..and I will always remember her because she is one I was honored with to be there when she passed. She did not die alone and unloved. And she passed with dignity befitting such a wonderful sick girl.”

Our board member, Sonora, had to say a very hard goodbye to this boy today.

During the 23 Arabian Hampshire county seizure we handled in 2012, a thin black mare named Ebony won the heart of Sonora. While all of the others were adopted, there was no interest in Ebony or Saferia, an elderly SE Arab mare. Sonora decided to adopt both, and Ebony came to her, as most of the mares did, in horrible condition and heavily bred.

Rumi was born a short time later. The first foal ever born on Sonora’s farm.

She loved him dearly, but now, over 2 years later, she had to say Goodbye.

Our vet was with her this morning as she let him go.

He colicked, and the efforts of both Sonora and our vet were not enough to save him, and while surgery may have helped, the pain he was in was far too great to attempt to trailer him hours from her rural location.

She loved him and compassionately let him go…

Keep Sonora in your thoughts today as she works so very hard to heal the broken others throw callously away. . .and the world isn’t fair. . .we know that. . .else she would not have needed to lose one so dear to her.

(Rumi’s photos was taken by me when he was a young foal for our rescue calendar in 2012)

One of the hardest things to realize in rescue is that not even close to everyone who considers themselves a “horseman/horsewoman” gives a care about equine welfare. How this is possible, I do not know. . .but there you have it, nonetheless.

Sounds like a beautiful love story. . .

I’m hearing from our rescue VP that Grace is a fiery girl. . .far more so than Scarlett was. No wonder that girl survived to make it to us!

The gold scramble teams and gifts from local businesses and hole sponsorships are coming in – Please spread the word. This is a way to be able to help even if you cannot donate at this time or donate experience time. This event MUST be a success.

If you’re local, Have you asked a local business for a sponsorship or for a gift donation for the prizes? Have you talked to anyone about putting together a team?


So many people who follow the work Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue does feel that unless they can give large donations, their assistance is not helpful or important.

Please do not feel that way. Do not let that hold you back from feelings an urgency to give to save the lives of horses too many are happy to overlook.

Small works of good throughout a person’s life surely makes just as huge an impact as a single large gift given but once.

Purpose it in your heart today that if you appreciate the difference being made through our efforts, that you will try to give whatever you can afford and not believe the amount is too small.

It is never too small if given to make the ripples of change.

Thank you Pony Up Kentucky for their donation of a custom equine hand bag as a prize in June’s golfscramble

Please visit their page and offer a thank you for their prize donation for our golf scramble! PonyUP! Kentucky

Check out the new ADOPTABLE HORSES PAGES! http://www.wvhorserescue.org/adopthorse_ALFIE.html

Thank you to Brittany K of https://www.facebook.com/pages/Radiant-Resolution/136802849747057

If you’re looking for website design or graphic design, she is surely your go to professional!


Nova, Ohio. Need placed ASAP – 48-49 inches, gelding and stallion. Not broke but friendly. Need safe homes asap!

Thank you so much for your continued support!

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