June 5-8, 2014

We need homes near Huntington. The person is taking them to a shelter as they showed up as strays if I can’t find homes.



From Equine Wellness Magazine

“Just wanted to make sure you knew that we’re donating 40% of sales to Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue, INC anytime someone subscribes using code EWA096. If people sign up within the next couple of weeks, they’ll receive the issue that has the Heart of Phoenix article in it! Mind sharing and helping us spread the word? Here is the link: https://www.equinewellnessmagazine.com/subscribe-natural-health-package-deal/”

Kate giving a ride to her adopter’s special needs Sister in Law. What a gentle, kind mare!
Farmer hubby’s sister was excited to ride Kate our adopted rescue mare from Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue, INC. She participates in a therapeutic riding program in her home state of Oregon. We knew Kate would be safe for her but weren’t sure how well they’d interact together. Wow, were we impressed! Kate was patient and responsive.
These two made a great team!

What a looker this mare is!


Spicy and Tara have become great pals

A must take quiz! Thank you Nicky, what a fun thing to create!!!

You HAVE to see Alfie and what Volunteers Suzanna and Raven have done with this boy in a few weeks time –

He has NEVER had a rider prior to going to them

Thank you to ColdFlex for including products in a gift pack to HOP through Equine Wellness Magazine. Please hop over and give them a huge thanks!


Also, thank you to Effective Pet Wellness for donating products to HOP through Equine Wellness Magazine’s feature on HOP in this next month! Please hop over and tell them thanks!


Needs homes asap near Huntington, WV

These two Pyrs are middle aged, and they have been guards their entire lives.

Their owner relocated and they were placed, but the placement has not worked out.

The adult male has what seems to have possible food allergies as he struggles with weight on various diets.

The home where they are at cannot keep them as they are not poultry safe and will kill large numbers of poultry. They are friendly with other dogs, kids and larger livestock.

No fee to screened homes. We will get them transported to meet rescue locally, as well.

Both are altered.

Don’t forget that Equine Wellness Magazine, where HOP will be featured this next month, will be donating 40% to Heart of Phoenix whenever someone subscribes using code EWA096. Nice way for our supporters to receive a copy of the magazine with the Horse of Phoenix article in it, while donating to Heart of Phoenix at the same time! Subscription link:


Another of Boone from last week – this boy is going to be such a fast rehab!

Beauty, Beauty . . . the big Draft cross mare that would suit anyone!!!

Alum Creek – 8 year old TWH gelding. Blind in one eye. Needs a more experienced person. Heads to auction Friday is a home isn’t found, we are told. The auctions around this area a cesspools, so lets share his photo and try to get him a home asap. Not beginner friendly, folks. No fee to appropriate home with references / facility photos provided. If interested, send required info and email equinerescue@live.com. no transport offered. This is not a horse with us. This is an owner placement and we are trying to help place the horse to help them. Again, not with HOP.

“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”

Mother Teresa

Not a player but want to support these two organizations?
Come out as a spectator, enjoy prizes, food and entertainment (in the works)!
$10 per adult spectator Ticket – can be purchased the day of the event. WE so hope to see you there!

The new T-SHIRT design will be there for sale for the first time, as well!

Pecos and his girl today

Check out Alfie!!!

Skye today when our volunteer Jim stopped to visit her

Thank you so much for your continued support!

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