May 29-31, 2014

Tomorrow is a huge day for the rescue. We are taking a big step and starting the freeze branding process for all rescue horses. Dr. Steve Walker will do the four horses currently located at Sunday Stable tomorrow. After that, we will work on doing all of the other horses in rescue, and in the future, the branding will be done at intake when the horses are already sedated for their dental floats.







Grace is lively and doing well. The farrier will see this girl tomorrow. Hard to believe she is peppy consider. . .this is her intake photo from last week.








Remember to consider sponsoring a hole at the Gold Scramble in Lavalette at Sugarwood coming up the 25th of June – the proceeds benefit not only HOP but the Huntington Veteran’s of Foreign Wars, as well! Your business information will be shared and publicized. We are also in search of prizes and PLAYERS! Email us today for more information. If you know of a business you can approach or anyone who may be interested in playing for an amazing dual case, please let us know.






From SpringintoAction Equine SportsTherapy

We are having our Equine Chiropractor in from Lexington, KY this Saturday, May 31st for a clinic at our South Point Farm. No Farm Calls, Haul In’s Only. Equine, Canine and Feline Adjustments and Acupuncture available. Message me for an appointment. Negative Coggins required before unloading. $120-$100 per horse depending on how many we get, $50 per dog, $35 per cat. –






Oh, Alfie!







Ms Dior rescued in 2011! Still fat and sassy in her home today in TN





Prince and patriot sky – placed in 2010 and 2011 – photo updates today!!






Checkers placed in 2010 – today in his home







Eclipz – placed in 2011. One of our most amazing rehab Cases in the short time she was with us now 3 plus years later







The brand in the liquid nitrogen before the vet started the process – 4 done today: Ellie, Memphis, Clover and Wynn – really easy process!






Ellie is the first to receive the freeze brand today. This is quick and the horses are sedated for the process. We opted to do a left shoulder brand. The area was shaved prior to the freeze brand today, and The hair will fall out and grow in white. This is an huge, important final step in the effort we take to make sure these horses never get lost in the crowd and stay safe!






Ellie had been looking very suspiciously round. As she came in January and mares always run the risk of coming to us bred, prior to the freeze branding, we had the vet palate her. Thankfully, no foal!






The freeze branding video –






Oh! Guys! Check out how Alfie is doing!





Ferris in his adoptive home today!






Grace having her teeth floated today






Weird. Check out Grace’s front teeth.








Rain rot gone. . .Hooray! Now brushing and a curry comb isn’t painful for Grace








While she has improved in the week she has been in rescue. . .this shows you JUST how BAD she is.







Sawyer  Today with his best gal pal, Jane, behind him
17 year old QH/ possible Saddlebred cross gelding. 15.3 HH

He is an extremely friendly fellow! He loads and unloads from the trailer nicely and picks up his feet well. It seems likely that he is well trained but he is a long way from being able to be evaluated. His fee will be determined after we learn more about him!








This year, the VFW of Huntington and the Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue have teamed up to put on their inaugural golf scramble to bring attention to the needs of these two great organizations. All proceeds of the event will go directly to support the two charities. We need your support to help make this event a success for these local organizations that are working to make a huge difference in the community.

VFW Post 1064 advocates for veterans’ rights in the political arena and serves as a reminder of all that our nation’s warriors have earned and the respect they deserve. Post 1064 helps those veterans in need as well as orphaned children and widowed spouses of military members who have given their life in the line of duty. Through continued support from the community and businesses like yours, Post 1064 will also be able to actively be involved in programs that foster community service to help give back to the local community, and also to educate the community on the courage and sacrifice of their local veterans.

The Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue is West Virginia’s only 501(c)(3) rescue that focuses solely on equine rescue. The equine rescue receives dozens of calls and emails daily from people who need help or animal control that do not have the capacity to help out horses in dire need. They have helped place over 100 horses in the last few years alone, and the Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue needs your help to continue to provide this beneficial service to the community.

This golf scramble will be held Friday, June 27th at Sugarwood Golf Course in Lavalette. Registration starts at 9 am. You can help support these charities by sponsoring a team of four golfers, a hole sponsorship, or both. Your company name will be prominently displayed by the hole that you have sponsored in recognition of your generous donation.

With your help we can make this event a successful one for both the Heart of Phoenix and the Huntington Chapter of the VFW and for the local community. Thank you for your support!







And this is an improvement from less than a week ago – Grace – Please consider donating to her care here:
















Flashy, wonderful Beauty being ridden by Nicky W. today – video coming soon








Comes visit us at the Tractor Supply in South Point tomorrow! 10am – 3pm. MEET Cute Kismet!





We have a LOT of horses for adoption now! Please share












Check out bettie’s video





Please come adopt – the Lawrence County animal shelter is here with puppies and kittens and more  south point ohio – we are here as well.







TSC PURINA Event today








Does anyone have a farrier to suggest that travels to Calhoun in WV?






Check out Bettie’s video with volunteer, Nicky – Bettie is adoptable now







Check out Beauty’s video with volunteer, Nicky – BEAUTY is adoptable now





HOP foster, Susan Sunday, rode Clover today and she did wonderfully!





Finally, Clover is to the point after 7 plus months, she can be ridden and was awesome!!







Rowan and buttercup!







Marty in his pa home today. He had to be body clipped as he wasn’t shedding, and his adopter is having him tested for cushings








Centerville, PA – living in this kennel and in urgent need of rescue or adoption. Both Under 2 and neutered – purebred Golden Retriever And A Chihuahua mix.

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Thank you so much for your continued support!

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