April 18, 2014

What a stack of new THANK YOU donor cards I’ve got here to mail. ALL HAND ADDRESSED By your’s truly, so I’m hoping the postal people can read my writing when they go in the mail tomorrow!





A silver buckskin Akhal Teke. . .

Pretty much the most amazing coloration I’ve seen. ever.





not only that, but horses teach me this every single day!





After a few days of intense ground training, Adrianne felt that last night was finally the right time to take the maiden voyage on our new “Boot Camp” rescue horse Skye.

If you haven`t heard the story, Skye was placed with us by Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue Inc. from Shoals, West Virginia. Heart of Phoenix rescued Skye from a terrible situation, and felt, after watching us for months on Facebook, that R & M Stables was the right place to send Skye to help her regain her trust in people, and to begin a sound (Under saddle) training program so that it will be viable, and safe to place her up for adoption. Thanks Heart of Phoenix for your trust!!

We obviously have a long way to go, but last night was a great start! Let`s watch Skye, and Adrianne work!!!








No signs of Beauty, the draft cross, on German Ridge today. She hadn’t come back to the hay and grain we left, so we are going to get a search party together tomorrow to comb the area. If you can come out, please let me know






This group of horses URGENTLY needs RESCUE – Please share, share, share! They really need safe homes or rescues to step forward FAST. The county cannot keep them on the land they are on much longer.https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.746626875368610.1073741855.356449524386349&type=3

Belmont County Ohio – URGENT Seizure horses

Ava~ Is a yearling Palomino. Very sweet and loves attention

All the horses need to be out by next Saturday.

Ava~ Is a yearling Palomino. Very sweet and loves attention

Champ~ 17 yr TWH stallion. Owner had him as a baby. Owner died and daughter didn’t care for her horses. 3 of her minis died this winter. Very sweet. Broke to ride but haven’t been ridden in 3-4 years.

Gunner~ 2yr old stud colt. Appy/Morgan cross. Broke to lead and needs an experienced home.

Phoebe~ TWH/Arab cross. 6 yrs old. Nervous but needs an experienced hand. Didn’t have a lot of handling. Very respectful.

Ruger~ 2-3yr old stud colt. Cremello and cute as can be. Very comical and had his 1st farrier visit. Needs work on that but settled down very quickly.

Interested rescues, email equinerescue@live.com
This is an urgent need. They have to be out THIS SATURDAY
Private party homes: Email equinerescue@live.com with vet and farrier reference numbers, barn photos and fence photos


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Buttercup in her new adoptive home where she joins Rowan








We are meeting tomorrow at NOON at 2205 5TH STREET RD, HUNTINGTON, WV, 25701 where you will pull into the GO MART and see a group there – you’ll see a MAROON Tundra – We will leave from there and go to the ridge where Beauty was last seen. Please bring a lead rope, if you have one, and a pail which we will put a bit of grain in. . .I don’t have enough to go around or just in case we don’t have enough ropes/buckets –

See anyone able to make it at NOON!







Buckshot and Alex with their adoptive owners (Deb on Buckshot and Nicky, HOP volunteer, on Alex) on a trail ride today!






Kate yesterday in her adoptive home
Sunset on the farm.




This is pretty hard core and what rescue is about!

HOP Volunteer Suzanna Johnson and her daughter, Raven, drove many hours with rescue nurse mare foals in tow to get them to their rescue connection with Lilly Pond Foal Rescue in the morning. . .they are spending the night in the barn at Sunday Stables with the foals!!!





Thank you so much for your continued support!

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