No horses were harmed in the taking of this pic




a lady in Boone county, WV has a rescue mare that just foaled. The mare is rejecting the foal, and she needs help ASAP – Can anyone in that area go out and give her advice and help?


The foal is now nursing – it took some patience and tying the mare, but it sounds like she is doing okay now –




Poppy will go to her adoptive home in PA Saturday! A special thanks to Angela for working with this past month!


How I wish I had more of an update on Beauty, the missing Draft X mare we brought in Sunday.

A local did say an AEP worker mentioned he may have seen a large horse on German Ridge Road in Lavalette, WV, a location we’ve searched already, a few days ago. I will be headed back out this evening to talk to locals on that road, just in case.

I have a hard time understanding how a huge mare like that is missing and no one has seen a thing.

 I am just sick over this!




Perhaps that it is sad that all I can think at this moment is not the 140 plus horses we’ve safely placed, but instead about how we have Two horses missing. . .

One maliciously sold out of contract by heartless adopter (Moon) and now one (Beauty), the Draft cross, that found her way quickly out of the fence here at my farm Sunday and is missing for going on a week with basically no sign of her.

Hindsight is 20/20. . .had I known Moon’s adopter was a liar, well . . . Moon would never have went, and had I known the draft mare had a history going through fence beforehand (though not OVER fence), I’d have been quick to put her in the round pen until she settled in. . .

So though we have safely placed so many. . .all I can think about are these two I cannot find. . .two very different situations, yes, but looking back, I just keep thinking of mistakes and ways to have prevented both events.

And keep looking, looking and looking. . .




Just when I was so down about this, I got a call and we know where she is – we just have to look in that general area, but she has been there since Sunday!

We’ve found the area she has been seen in – manure around the place and we just have to search the area now – it has gotten dark on us today but we will go out tomorrow.








Thank you so much for your continued support!