April 3, 2014

Hello everyone!



Another Buckshot undersaddle video – this guy is green but will shape up nicely in time!











One day, folks, we will have skilled riders to do these rescue videos. . .until then. . .you get me. lol! But at least you see them under a saddle, eh?






Bettie’s video!





Buttercup has now done two lessons with children who are advanced beginner riders! She has been a very pleasant girl for them and they are requesting to ride her again! This sweet little 13.3HH girl will make some horse families’ child really happy!






Ellie’s video! Young Saddlebred mare!





Bettie is awesome!! This senior girl surely doesn’t show her age a bit undersaddle! She is everything you could want in a trail partner – big, solid girl, ready to go where you want!

Someone adopt this girl and blaze some trails!





Oh, Look at me. . .Says Buckshot

This boy is green, but with some fine tuning, he will be a heck of a pony for someone!





Tara is surely going to be a looker when rehabbed.

I do have some concerns she is dealing with the beginnings of Heaves. We will know more on that soon. . .





Let’s take a moment and tell you Ellie could be your next Saddleseat show mare when rehabbed totally. Smart, personable girl here!






Bella is a pretty 12 year old Quarter Horse mare. 15.2HH. Rides English or Western. $600 fee to approved home on contract. St. Albans, WV





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Addy has been adopted from Lilly Pond!!
Addy is adopted and she doesn’t know how lucky she is!! She will be boarded with Wyatt ( a LPFR graduate) and be loved on by a wonderful 14 yr old girl, Brittany!! Congratulations to Addy! She is the first one to be adopted under our seniors program called Friends of Flannagan.
Thank you so much for your continued support! Make sure to check back each day for new updates!

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