April 2, 2014

Hello everyone! Hope you are getting the chance to enjoy some of this nice weather. I don’t know about you, but I have sure missed it.


Oh, Wynn – you’re too gorgeous for words. This guy is just gaining weight so nicely! Video coming!




The pony I loved so much in his fabulous home with Kim Z!

Gandy look quite happy!










Memphis all tucked in at Sunday Stables to finish rehab!





Oh, folks – line up now – check out Wynn already!





We have a Haflinger we’ve been asked to place that was privately rehabbed (taken from the same person who starved Pecos) that is now able to be placed. He is younger, broke to ride but need a very experienced rider and someone with training experience.





Foster farms we are fortunate to have the use of or board at to rehab horses in need!

All are privately owned.



Sunday Stables – owned by Susan Sunday

Volunteers at this location:

Susan Sunday
Stephanie Davis
Jim Gerchow

– Sunday Stables – we have many rescue fostered here thanks to Susan Sunday’s awesome volunteering!!! They get amazing care!




Lucas Farm – Director’s location

Tinia Creamer




Twelve Oaks – owned by the Smiths

Board member at this location: Jessie Smith Hardestyand Tony Hardesty





Comer’s Show Horses – owned by Nancy Comer

Fosters and Volunteers at this location: Nicky Walters and Dorella Ann Conner Tuckwiller — with Beth Comer-Clark and Nancy Comer.




Avalon Isle

Farm of board member: Sonora Winds — with Sonora Winds.





Oh, folks – line up now – check out Wynn moving!





The rescue has so many awesome updates coming! In the next week or so. . .

We will have a new freeze brand on the way from Flying 45 brands: https://www.facebook.com/ranchbrands?ref=ts&fref=ts
and a new way of protecting our horses will have arrived!

Then our new website, graciously designed at no cost to the rescue by Brittany K athttps://www.facebook.com/pages/Radiant-Resolution/136802849747057 will be up and ready to unveil. . .

finally, a HUGE Surprise in the works for Sunday, April 6th (also my Birthday), will be announced. . .an answer to many prayers, let me assure you!





Stay tuned – Buckshot, Ellie and Bettie videos under saddle coming




Thank you so much for your continued support! Remember to check back each day for new updates!

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