April 4 – 6, 2014

Hello! Some great updates today!


This Draft cross mare needs a home. Located in Jackson County, WV – No fee to exceptional, approved home. Will head to auction if not placed ASAP. She is shy of 16hh, the owner says, Broke to ride and 16 years old. There is a divorce and the folks will have no place to keep her shortly. Share her info, please!





Our new thank you post cards!






Share Bettie’s short evaluation video and help us find her a home!





The rescue has an amazing designer donate her services and redo the whole website – it is spectacular. Truly. This lady is amazing! Can’t wait to unveil it!






Alfie – post gelding!

Shhh! Do not tell him . . . though the way he tip toes around the grass, I think he knows





Heart of Phoenix works to save horses like Alfie, who come to us frequently suffering from long term abuse and starvation.

We cover the entire state of West Virginia, as well as the border areas of Kentucky and Ohio.

We are currently the only 501(c) equine rescue actively covering these areas, and the financial burden is heavy.

We want to grow and see More Horses SAVED.

We can do that only with your help.

Make a commitment today to be Part of this greatly needed effort.

Please do not feel what you can give is not enough. Be it $5 dollars month, it is $5 we can count on toward the care of these animals.

You can easily set up monthly auto paypal donations for $5, $10, $25 a month or any amount you are able to give. Out of the many thousands of people who visit both this page and the Director’s Lucas Farm page, if everyone purposed $5 or more dollars a month to save this impoverished area’s horses, we could do SO MUCH MORE!

Visit the website to learn how athttp://www.wvhorserescue.org/donate.html

Who missed the Sneak Peak of the new RESCUE website designed for us by Radiant Resolution
Buckshot has an adoption in the works  with Debbie P!

I cannot imagine why anyone would have let this regal, proud mare end up in the condition in which we found her . . .


So Tara has a little friend. . . ha!

God have Mercy  what in the world is wrong with people


This mare pony bred to a full size Jack for sale
We are doing a bit of a clearance on all sweat shirts and hoodies – we have a LOT of larger sizes up to 4x. They are $10 ea! The T shirts are $6 ea! The prices only apply if you’re local and can meet, but we have tons of colors! Making room for the new design! Heck, soon these will be Vintage HOP! Ha!

The ever beautiful Skye returns to rescue tomorrow. Her adopter has given her placement amble time, but Skye is not the right mare for her. Thankfully, her adopter has updated us every single step of the way on their journey and has fulfilled her agreement 100% – We will be sending Skye at R and M stables :https://www.facebook.com/pages/R-and-M-Stables/273093352751035

For training Thursday, and we hope this will give her a lot of exposure and open her up to a broader adoptive base.

R and M Stables is a well respected facility, and they post updates and video every step of the way through training, so you all be sure to follow her progress while she is there!

Thank you to the donor who is so gracious and kind (though he remains anonymous) to give her this opportunity!

Skye’s adopter will be waiting until the right fit comes to our rescue for her farm in the future, and we appreciate her dedication to this rescue!

For once and for all. . . THERE is no such thing as a filly colt. SHEESH!

Rant opening:

While it is rare. . . occasionally, people who do not want to be screened (and if one doesn’t want screened, there is a reason why) to adopt the NO FEE horses we post for owners that we have no room for complain

They complain they do not know why we screen homes and will not just let the horses to go ANYONE if the horses “really” needs a home.

Me: I see through this.

I understand most people who follow this rescue understand why we do this and respect it highly, and that is why this question only comes up every now and again.

This was brought up today concerning the Draft X mare who will go to auction if a home isn’t found.

Let me stress this. . .A FREE for all horse to any random person IS NO MORE Safe THAN AUCTION. Further, someone said any home is better than auction. NOT TRUE.

I’ve been on scene to MANY places there animals suffered for years and years and years. TOO MANY homes are worse than auction. Suffering abuse and starvation for years is the worst thing that can take place. Both are horrors, of course.

We will never be the tool in which we knowingly let ANY horse, for ANY REASON, go to a home with ZERO screening. If the horse meets a sad fate, be is going to auction or to a trader or horrible home, it will NEVER be because we knowingly took the animal there.

This mare has an owner who has offered to give us time to find her a place, and we hope we can do so, but that is our burden. . .to find a screen home. If one does not come, it is not our failing.

Complain about screening all you like. This horse and others are NEVER GOING TO homes with ZERO screening.

Safe, Kind homes have nothing to hide and screen happily, and that is how we place so many horses. . .good homes are happy to submit to screening.

If you aren’t happy to, there is a reason why. End of Story.

Rant Closed.

Check out the amazing gift we received today!

Yes, a truck was donated and on my birthday!!

Thank you so much for your continued support of the rescue! Hope everyone has a great night!

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