A horse is not a Skeleton simply because she is old.

So much neglect is ignored because folks believe this excuse.

Let us lay this error to rest, please

(along with the excuse that horses are just thin in the winter. Horses are thin in the winter if you do not feed them enough. Period)

A horse is not emaciated simply because she is old.

A horse BECOMES Emaciated because she isn’t taken care of properly.

Age alone is not an excuse or even a reason for a horse to be a skeleton.

If a horse is receiving nutrition in the proper form for an aged equine and having frequent dental floats, it is very rare they do not hold a very healthy weight.

Are there uncommon conditions a horse may have that can come with age to make keeping weight on much harder? Occasionally, yes.

In those cases, there will be documentation through an actual vet practice of this condition and the treatment plan the owner is following.

Does there come a time, with multiple illnesses, an equine may deteriorate and not thrive? Occasionally, yes.

Then there will be an owner and vet working to humanely address a qualify of life issue.

Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue, INC

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