April 1, 2014

Hello everyone!



Look who I just got an update on!!!



Doesn’t she look wonderful? Doesn’t even look like the same horse!




Alfie is gelded and shockingly aged at 6!!! Shew! Who would imagine that? This is a pricey visit – rescue folks, if you’re able to donate, we surely appreciate it!

1900025_742799672417997_1364363152_n 1601041_743009212397043_224747936_n


Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue, INC

PO box 81 Shoals, WV 25562






It is finally rescue tank weather today. Time to move Memphis to Sunday Stables!







Nikon L820 in great shape – $140 – excellent shape, used for the rescue






Thank you so much for your continued support! Remember to check back each day for new updates!

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